Personality traits that will get you hired

4 Personality traits that will get you hired

The personality of a person defines them. Personality is what distinguishes us from other people as well. Changing and altering personality traits can be one of the most daunting tasks for any creature. It is also very important to have a defining and distinguishing personality which makes you important for the company and helps you grow yourself.

According to a survey of professionals in a range of industries by Hyper Island Executive Study, 78 per cent of respondents identified personality as the single-most desirable quality in a worker. But what about the personality traits which can get you into ‘that’ workplace? It’s very important to know that there are certain personality traits that every employer looks for and appreciates. And as he can not know the interviewee with just one glance, these traits play a major part in deciding whether to hire someone or not.

Here is a summary of the personality traits that an employer looks for. It depends on the position you’re applying for, but trying to adapt these traits will prove fruitful in your personal and professional life. 


1. Confidence 

“As is our confidence, so is our capacity.”

— William Hazlitt

Confidence is one of the most beautiful and liberating qualities any person can possess. It is a spotlight on your personality. And in the case of getting hired by an employer, you need to get this spotlight on yourself. You need the confidence to showcase your skills properly in front of the employer. As it is your first impression, you have to make it a lasting one.

Confidence can be seen by the way you dress up, the way you talk and even your sitting position. Even in these no-so-personal times due to COVID-19, your speech and your listening skills is a great measure of your confidence as well. So, it’s time to have self-belief and showcase your skills in a confident manner!

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2. Reliability

This is where your personality is assisted by your cover letter and resume. A reliable personality can be easily seen by your experience (not only work but of all types) and is visible in the spotlight by the confident way in which you explain those experiences and what all challenges you faced and overcame. Learn more about how to write a descriptive cover letter showcasing your abilities.

A reliable personality shows that you are capable of handling your responsibilities in a more heated work environment. It becomes a stamp of approval as it shows the eagerness of the candidate while depicting answerability.


3. Curiosity

No one knows everything. However, an eager personality shows that you are willing to learn more and improve as you age. Curiosity is an excellent way to know if a candidate will be able to adapt to changing technologies and work with everyone as one.

Curiosity is also visible by how you deal with criticism in the interview. To showcase your eager personality, show that you are listening to what the interviewer is saying and get clarity wherever needed. Asking where you went wrong or pointing out what can be improved is a mirror to your eager-to-learn attitude.


4. Honesty

The trait of honesty is a very difficult trait to acquire and even more so to practice. Yet, it has gained the award for “The best policy” over the years… Why is that?

An honest personality helps you to gain more self-confidence, as there is simply nothing to hide. Honesty can be seen clearly by the employer by how much you know about what you have written in your resume. Honesty shows that you are willing to work hard and gain knowledge that will help you across all domains. Honest behaviour can take you places, all good ones!



Your resume and cover letter might be a great way to show off your skills while staying humble, but it is your personality that shows the confidence about what you know who is reliable for the duties given to them. It is also the direct medium through which an employer can see how honest you are in real life and how much curiosity you have, driving you to get success in life and a valuable asset to the company.

So, go on and impress your interviewer with these personality traits, and he will be looking forward to your first day as much as you will.

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