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Format of Cover Letter for Resume – Points & Samples

To apply for any job vacancy, it is mandatory for a candidate to create a resume or C.V. that would be used to scan a candidate and his or her eligibility for the specific job. Job seeker usually wonder if cover letters are still in use in the year 2019 or not. To clarify the thoughts, it is to be noted that cover letters are as important as the resume or the C.V. is. So it is important that you are familiar with the format of cover letter for resume.

Although there is no proper or strict cover letter format one needs to stick to, there is some mandatory information that has to be mentioned in there. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your cover letter should not be long yet should be able to highlight all your important details which are not present in your C.V or Resume.

A lot of questions stating how to write a cover letter flashes on the search engine of Google. A bunch of Cover letter formats and templates for the cover letter may be available on the internet readily claiming to be the right one,.One must, therefore, be careful before choosing the right format. Here is everything you need to know about cover letters as well as their formats.

What is a Cover Letter?

How to Write a Cover Letter?

Things to Keep in Mind

Sample of a Cover Letter Format

1 What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a typed document that is commonly attached to a job application. Its main purpose is to explain an applicant’s interests and credentials for the post he or she is applying for. The ultimate intention of a cover letter is to make a way for getting selected for a job interview.

Therefore, writing a good cover letter can enhance your chances to get hired. Unlike a resume, a cover letter is to be customized according to the needs of the position one is applying for.

2 How To Write A Cover Letter

A cover letter has to be impressive and should include all your details and work experiences. Your cover letter should highlight the points that make you eligible and a promising candidate for a particular job. It should not exceed more than three paragraphs.

Your accomplishments should be in chronological order. Mentioned below are the points that one should include while writing a cover letter.

  1. You should begin your cover letter by writing the date and your correct contact information which is to be mentioned on the top left of your cover letter.
  2. The very next step is to inscribe the letter to the authorities such as the hiring administrator.
  3. The third step is to initiate your cover letter with a standard greeting such as ‘Dear Ritu Sharma’
  4. Present yourself in the form of a short introduction and explicate how the role follows with your professional purposes.
  5. In the case of referral, mention the name of the current employees who referred your name for the position.
  6. Match the position’s required skills with your past achievements or accomplishments.
  7. Appreciate the organization for their time and thoughtfulness enclosing your cover letter with a vote of thanks.
  8. Lastly, conclude the letter with a warm signature such as ‘Sincerely’

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3. Things to Keep in Mind

1. Personalize Cover Letter For Every Role

There is an urgent need to personalize your cover letter according to the position you are applying for. Your cover letter should not be too common. Your skills and experience may differ for different job postings, therefore, every time you apply for a job, create your cover letter accordingly.

If you send a cover letter, the company would assume that you managed to read about your job role which would increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Contact Information is to be included

Before you send your cover letter attached with the resume, make sure that the name of the hiring authority is mentioned clearly. Address your cover letter very careful. If you are not sure about the name of that concerned person, all you need to do is visit the website of the company or you could even directly contact the number of the company and ask for the name.

Writing the correct name would make the HR representative think that you have invested your time researching about the company and the people attached to it.

 3. The Use Of Simple Words

The best way to convey your intentions with the company is by using simple language. People think that the more complex the words are, the more they create chances to grab the job. But the reality is, things do not always go as per plan.

If the manager or HR representative could not comprehend your words, they would not bother themselves to go through the rest of the documents presented by you. The use of simple words could help you out in making sure that your resume is being read.

4. Extended Accomplishments

 A cover letter should not reiterate your resume, therefore, you are supposed to add some extra information highlighting your accomplishments other than what you have mentioned in your resume. You need to extend your accomplishments focusing on the details. The job description helps the reader get a whole picture of how competitive the scenario was and how far you were able to take up that challenge.

5. Proofread

Before you send your cover letter to the organization, make sure that there are no grammatical errors or any kind of typing mistakes. Go through the tonality of the letter and see if the letter is convincing.

You could even request your friends or any reliable person to proofread your cover letter and ask for their valuable comments for the same. They could even ask you to include or exclude information. Consider their advice if you feel the given advice to be useful.

A good cover letter will certainly catch the interviewer’s eye. Apart from writing a good cover letter, you will have to be well informed about available jobs in your niche in the market. Learn more in details about job search here.

4. Sample For Cover Letter Format

Here are a few cover letter samples;

Richa Kapoor


[email protected]

December 20, 2019

Dear Hiring Manager,


I’m delighted to be applying for the [your position] position at [Name of the company]. [Include your education qualifications and some of the achievements in the field you are applying for.]

For the past two years, I have been working for [Previous Company’s Name] as [Your Previous Position]. I have consistently outperformed my objectives and I was acknowledged last quarter for outstanding service. As a user of many of your products, I’m aware that [Company Name] is a company with tremendous potential. I am certain that my experience and skills would enable me to excel in [Applying Position].

Coming to the reasons, one of the great reasons why I would like to join [Company Name] is that the company resonates and gives back to the community. [Tell something extraordinary you do, showcasing the human values]. I firmly believe this role would grant me that opportunity.

Thank You


Richa Kapoor

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