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Engineering Career – Best Streams to Kick Start your Career

After passing high school, the most sort after career anyone looks out for is engineering. And there is a very plausible reason behind it, that is its versatility. An Engineer has so many options in terms of developing his/her career. In this blog, we’ll learn in detail about highly paid engineering streams and available jobs for engineers in India & abroad.

Career opportunities in Engineering

Engineering Career

Career Options In Engineering:

There are plenty of engineering jobs in India and abroad. Engineers are needed to advance technology, boost manufacturing, and speed up infrastructure work. The following are the descriptions of various engineering branches and engineering degrees.

There are plenty of jobs across different branches. Have the right talent and interest to shine in any of the following.

Aerospace Engineer

  1. Do you often wonder how these airplanes fly high in the sky without any fear? Well, there is no doubt that behind the fearless flight there is a systematic arrangement. Due to this arrangement, these things are possible.
  2. The experienced hands behind the fearless flight are the aerospace engineers who make it possible.
  3. This discipline is often divided into:
  • The one those who pursue careers in the aeronautics
  • The others work on spacecraft, etc.

4. To be able to do aerospace engineering jobs you must hold a degree in engineering. The degree can be in disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

Agricultural Engineer

Another field that is one of the most sought-after in engineering technology is Agricultural engineering. To brief you about the same it basically covers subjects from aquaculture, land farming, and forestry too. These engineers develop biofuels and explore some better food processing methods too. Moreover, they also have to go out and travel to worksites to see if the government regulations are met.

Automotive Engineer

Do you often look out for exciting and challenging careers, then an automotive engineer career may attract you? All the brand-new cars and vehicles you see on the road run with immensely great speed. These all are the efforts and hard work of technical experts. These experts research every new thing that can make your driving experience much better than before.

There is plenty of scope for an automobile engineer in India.

Biomedical Engineer

This may sound more like a biology-related career than an engineering one. But this engineering discipline is a combination of biology, medicine, and engineering. They act behind the curtains for helping in manufacturing sophisticated medical solutions like MRIs. As well as surgical machines such as microscopic surgical machines.

They are also responsible for research and medical innovations like artificial organs too as well as for solving problems.

Chemical Engineer

They work basically on manipulating the interactions of independent atoms and certain molecules. Their work consists of researching and developing new materials. And have good hands-on in numerous fields including nanotechnology, energy storage, and computing. They often have to collaborate with other engineers as well to solve certain problems.

Civil Engineers

As the name suggests they deal with constructing the buildings and providing a better system of water supply. They ensure that every building has a good structure and is reliable in every aspect. Even in the case of earthquakes and hurricanes, the building can withstand them without getting affected.

Find the list of more than 2K civil engineer jobs in India here!

Computer Engineer

For many students who think about engineering, the one thing that comes to their mind is computer engineering. And why not, computer engineers are ruling the world today, aren’t they? From Windows to Linux or Photoshop to Microsoft office, they know everything.

All the new applications that run on mobiles and software save a lot of time nowadays. These are all the innovations of these dedicated computer engineers.

Here is the list of more than 16K computer engineer jobs in India 

Drafting And Design Engineer

Do you love designs and computers? Then this may be an apt career for you. This exciting career involves designing at every stage from making the plans and deploying the same. This requires extensive knowledge of drafting and design principles, some part of manufacturing is also involved in this.

Electrical Engineer

The other sort of specialization in engineering is electrical engineering. These engineers work in designing, developing, testing, and supervising electrical equipment. They are trained to handle responsibilities like wiring and lighting installations in several buildings, automobiles, and aircraft.

The best thing about electrical engineering is the training. It is so vast that the person who has done electrical engineering can land up in various domains. So anyone who has done electrical engineering is in a win-win situation.

Find the list of more than 5K electrical engineer jobs in India here!

Mechanical Engineer

In Mechanical engineering, the students learn about motion, energy, and force. And mechanical engineers control these elements by using different elements. Elements such as material, human, and economic resources to develop several solutions that can satisfy the customer’s requirements.

There are plenty of jobs in mechanical engineering in India and abroad. You need to have the right skills and passion for machines.

These were some of the most sorts after fields in engineering. Software engineers, electronic engineers, industrial engineers, aeronautical engineers, and environmental engineers, are some of the other career paths. They can uplift your career and elevate your chances of acquiring a higher position.

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