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Job Description of a Marketing Manager : From Scope to Salary

At the top of the hierarchy of responsibilities under a marketing manager job description is the action of planning. Marketing a company’s plans and actions come next. A marketing manager directs planning and strategy. But, they do so only after analyzing the reports of the market research thoroughly.

The marketing managers do not just study the market, they live it. Marketing manager job description includes a lot of things that are essential for a business. To start with, the marketing department tracks the progression of advertising campaigns. The manager needs to make sure that all the marketing material matches and resonates with the identity of the brand.

Most of the metro cities in India where startups, MNCs, Unicorns located are looking actively for marketing professionals. Marketing is an important aspect of business, products & services to reach a customer.

Here is the list of Marketing jobs in Delhi.

The creative ideas presented by the employees are converted into effective advertising by the marketing manager. The task, therefore, is to maintain a strong brand reputation. So that it is not lost among the numerous other online and offline marketing channels.

Let us dig further into the job description of a marketing manager.

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Roles and Responsibilities under Marketing Manager Job Description:

  • To make the brand or product known in the public.
  • Develop new strategies to get traffic to the products of the firm. It helps the growth of sales for the firm.
  • Generating content for the companies website that attracts more and more people.
  • Build strategic relationships with partners that can prove to be beneficial for their firm.
  • Allocate funds after analyzing the quarterly and annual marketing budget.
  • Approve marketing material that is good for the brand and interests potential customers.
  • Identify the groups of new customers and approach them with a plan.
  • Design and then conduct market research on a day to day basis if needed.
  • Creating fresh advertising campaigns and further managing them efficiently.
  • Review marketing campaigns based on past performances.
  • Analyze the insights and trends of the customers and as a result, plan strategies accordingly.

Qualification and Skills under Marketing Manager Job Description:

Another important point to be qualified for the post of marketing manager, you must have a degree in commerce. However, the following degrees can add weight to your prospect of getting hired.

  • You should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in either marketing itself or business administration. Apart from this, any other field related to marketing is also acceptable.
  • Have an understanding of public relations.
  • Advanced communication skills.
  • Should be comfortable working with numbers.
  • You must have Leadership Qualities.
  • Should be able to multi-task and also identifying targets.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Around seven years of experience in marketing. For instance, you could start your career as a sales representative, marketing coordinator, public relations specialist. Or even start online marketing with the proven experience. And then eventually you can be promoted to the position of a marketing manager.

In addition to these basic skills and qualifications under the marketing manager job description, there are some other skills. These are the skills which are gained through experience:

  • Ability to develop and run marketing plans and campaigns.
  • An eye for creativity and grabbing opportunities.
  • Ability to work with CRM Tools.
  • Ability to design networking platforms.
  • Experienced in digital and direct response marketing.
  • Be able to work upon the budgeting of products or services.
  • Have the technical skills for competitive analysis.
  • A sense of understanding of the experience of the customer and the user.


Marketing is an essential fragment of a business. There are a few essential to state under the marketing manager job description. Like, a marketing manager can have a substantial effect on the operations of a company. Therefore, with a degree in marketing-related courses, a person can get numerous roles in a company.

You can be a Senior Marketing Manager, a Marketing Director, etc. There are also chances that you can opt for more specialized roles according to your area of expertise. For example, an SEO Manager, Pay Per Click (PPC) Manager, etc.

The job and role of a marketing manager are very satisfying in all aspects, from start to finish. The results of all the efforts and hard work can be measured very practically. The satisfaction of the customers and the feedback give a sense of success for all the efforts put in. It proves that the manager has been successful in creating the brand ethos for the company.

Where Do Marketing Managers Work?

Marketing managers are hired by several industries of Trade, Wholesale, Technical Services as well as Manufacturing. The job openings of marketing managers have increased by more than 20% in the last 5 years. So if you choose to work as a marketing manager, you can be working in any industry that interests you.


Marketing managers develop cost-effective marketing plans and marketing strategies, helping the company generate profits. Therefore they are a gem for any company. They have a major role to play in the growth of a business. From an average taken out of 1,977 responses, the annual salary of a marketing manager turns out to be INR 7,37,621.

To be precise, at the entry-level a marketing manager’s salary is around INR 414k. With an experience of 1-4 years, the salary bracket is around INR 515k. After 5-9 years of experience, the salary bracket further increases to approximately INR 718k. Henceforth, with experience of more than 20 years, a marketing manager can earn around INR 947k annually.

In the US, the annual salary of a marketing manager can be around $106,130. Moreover, job growth has a finely positive outlook.

The rise is not going to be in the employment rate. It is rising by 10-20% already, which is faster than the national average. The salary bracket is also going to rise due to high demand.

After reading the job description of a marketing manager, you can now think descriptively. And decide whether the profession of marketing manager is meant for you or not. If the answer is yes, know on which stage you are and what your next step should be. And start working accordingly.

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