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Basic Panel Interview Guidelines | Things to Keep in Mind

We all have to admit that whenever it comes to panel interviews, we get cold feet. But now you don’t have to worry, because in this blog we will be covering all the important points regarding the panel interview guidelines so that you will be able to get your dream job.

A lot of people who have attended the panel round before, often describe it in negative terms and refer the panel as the “firing squad” and “endurance test”. But in reality, the panel interview is nothing of the sort. Before diving into the panel interview guidelines, let’s first understand what is the need for holding a panel interview process.

There are various instances when you have to face interviews like walk-in Interviews in addition to the panel interview. Apart from this, there are certain interview questions– the member of the panel can ask.

A lot of companies have a panel interview round and there is no doubt that it can be really intimidating for the candidate. But the company holds this kind of panel round because they want to know whether the candidate is capable enough to work under pressure or not. This will also reveal how a person acts when he/she has to handle a team and not just his/her individual work and many other situations that arise at work.


Now the probing question arises as to how should you start preparing for a particular job description’s panel interview. The candidate has to keep in mind that the panel round is no different than the standard interviews. So first of all, keep the anxiety at bay and review the guidelines for the panel interview members and get ready to grab the opportunity.

The first thing you should do is to research properly and thoroughly about the company and read the job posting carefully again. You can practice through mock interview questions too, because this would give you a fair idea about how to prepare yourself. Moreover, it will also give you an insight into where you are lacking and how to improve your weak points.


Research about everyone in the interview panel. You should have knowledge about their background and the respective fields they are experts in. This will give you an idea about the people who will be present in the selection process.

But again you don’t have to be intimidated by the recruiters at all. This step is just to know about your recruiters a little better for your interview preparation.

Plus, you should always carry a copy of your resume before going for the interview. You must be really focused and attentive in the whole session and listen to every minute detail carefully. These are the most important aspects when it comes to the guidelines for the panel interview.

Things To Remember

  • Be attentive and engage with everyone in the room

Whenever you’re in a panel interview, take the initiative and start by introducing yourself. Because the first impression is the last impression, so your engaging nature may help you achieve one or two brownie points. Moreover, you may have no idea about who may be entitled to the decision making power, so while answering keep in mind to respond to everyone present in the room with the same respect regardless of their job titles.

  • Eye contact is essential

While you are sitting in the interview, don’t just focus on one particular person in the entire conversation. Make eye contact with every panel member in the room while answering. This will help them analyze that you’re confident.

  • Appropriate Resume

You shouldn’t mention about any false qualities and skills that you do not possess. Because this may land you in serious trouble. The interviewers trust whatever you have written in your resume so if you add some random skill just to show you’re smart it may turn things against you rather in your favor.

Always write honestly in your resume about the skills you have. There maybe one or two skills less than your competitors but at least you’ll be selected on the basis of your true capability. And additional new skills can be learned anytime as well.

Important Point

While eye contact is essential in an interview process, the next point in the guidelines of conducting panel group interviews holds great importance for any interview.

  • Patience is the key

There is a possibility that you may be asked several questions repeatedly but you don’t have to lose your patience. No matter how many times they expect you to answer a similar question you need to be very polite while giving your answers. This will show how patient you are even in the worst situations. And you might be able to gain certain plus points too.

  • Try to be confident

It is aptly said that confidence is the key even if you don’t feel confident. Try not to show the panel that you are nervous or anxious. Because this might be their criteria to judge for the position you are interviewing for.

  • Acknowledge Previous Questions

While answering your questions do acknowledge previous questions too in your current answer. You can do that by listening carefully at all times. After that, you can answer the question they asked you in the first place. This will show your attentiveness which is again a plus point for any candidate.

Post Panel Interview

Once the interview comes to a close, politely thank everyone before leaving the room. This is the right way to close your panel round on a positive note!

So, in this blog, we covered all the necessary guidelines for the panel interview. The next time you start preparing for a panel interview, keep these small basic points in your mind. This will definitely help you grab the job offer you have been waiting for since so long!

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