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Trending Industries that are still Hiring during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced millions of lives across the globe. As the virus continues to spread, people find themselves struggling with both personal and professional challenges in these unprecedented times. With many companies being forced to either shut their doors for good or let go of their workforce to cope up with the fluctuating economy – thousands of people are either temporarily or permanently out of work. Others have to deal with a significant portion of their salaries being cut off.

However, there are two sides to every coin. As some of the industries are left crippled by the impact of this pandemic, others are looking to expand their workforce. This growth is the result of an increase in the demand for some particular products and services. As a result, companies in such sectors have begun hiring during this crisis which is a perfect opportunity for anyone who has been laid off.

So if your employment has been affected by COVID-19, or if you are looking to help those organizations that need to fill roles during this challenging time, here is a list of industries and sectors that are actively hiring during COVID-19:

Essential Retail

In most states, non-essential businesses and stores have been forced to close. However, essential retailers are an exception to this condition. These stores are open to ensure people have access to all their necessities during this emergency.

These essentials include groceries, cleaning supplies, pet food, medication, etc. People are stocking up for weeks’ worth of items to reduce their need of going out of their houses. As a result, retailers in categories such as grocery and pharmacy have experienced a high volume of sales.

In order to keep up with this demand, essential retailers have started hiring more cashiers, store clerks, shelf stockers, cleaners, etc. These workers are at the front line of this pandemic, helping people every single day.

Banking and Finance

COVID-19 has hit economies across the world – thousands of businesses closing, unemployment rates rising, etc. As a result, people are rushing to seek financial advice from experts. They are asking for help in terms of securing their financial future, protecting their savings, as well as accessing financial support. As a result, there has been a significant rise in the demand for employees in the banking and finance sector.

From working with a bank to obtain financial support, to engaging with an investment specialist to acknowledge how their credit will get affected by lost income – people are doing everything they can to secure their future. So for people looking to work in banks and other financial institutions – this is a perfect opportunity. The demand for financial advisors and customer service professionals with experience in the banking sector is especially high.


Since almost all the companies have allowed their employees to work from home, the telecommunication companies are under immense pressure to provide high-speed internet at residential places. People who managed to survive on mobile data connections are switching to get WiFi for working more efficiently at home. The challenge for most companies is to provide fast, stable, and secure internet service to millions of employees who are spread out over smaller home networks.

Networks are facing high volume because ever since the lockdown, video calls are the main source of contact for most people. People are also indulging in consuming more online content such as via social media, music, videos, etc. As a result, people working in customer and IT support, installation, maintenance & repair, etc are high in demand.


This goes without saying but amidst a global pandemic, healthcare professionals are an absolute necessity. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff have been overwhelmed with the rise in patients that are rushing in. The healthcare facilities are overthrown on a good day as it is. But COVID-19 patients requiring intensive and long-term care, are pushing hospitals and other healthcare facilities to their limits. They require special access to equipment such as ventilators, for extended periods of time.

As a result, most healthcare facilities are suffering from a shortage of staff and assistance. Nurses in particular, who are responsible for everyday patient care, are high in demand. Moreover, respiratory specialists, physicians, as well as paramedics are also needed desperately. With a rise in the influx of patients, there is also a need for administrative workers in clinics and hospitals. Tasks such as enrolling patients, updating records, and coordinating with insurance companies, etc need to be taken care of.


We have all read enough articles about empty store shelves and people fighting over toilet paper. With people stockpiling essential goods during lockdowns, stores are running out of supplies much faster than usual. As a result, manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the high demand of people. This is especially applicable to consumer goods and health supplies such as sanitizers, hand wash, soaps, etc.

Manufacturers in these sectors are ramping up their production to keep up with the ever-increasing demand from consumers. The shortage has been so severe that some manufacturers from other sectors are revamping their tools to produce in-demand products. For instance, breweries or cosmetic companies are manufacturing hand sanitizers. This rise in demand for consumer goods and medical supplies has led to an increase in manufacturing jobs. Such as – line workers, supervisors, warehouse workers, manufacturing engineers, quality control specialists, etc.

Technology and IT

With most of the population staying indoors, people are consuming online content in high volumes, both for work and personal uses. With in-person contact becoming non-existent, people are turning to online mediums of connecting with loved ones or buying supplies. As a result, social media, mobile apps, video conferencing, websites, etc are enduring remarkably high volumes of traffic.

In order to function smoothly, online platforms require the expertise of developers, to keep up with the user volume surge. Businesses across the world are finding ways to make their development teams more efficient. They want to increase the capacity of their online ordering systems as well as troubleshoot any other issues that might be arising due to the crisis. Having a functional digital space is critical, especially for those businesses that are unable to open their regular markets.

Other IT professionals are also in demand because most companies are working from home. As a result, the need for networking and data security experts is dire. These professionals have to work around the clock to ensure everyone can access the tools they need and work from home efficiently.

News and Publishing

The news and updates about COVID-19 have been dominating the headlines for newspapers across continents. There seems to be an endless wave of information and events that the public needs to be updated about. Whether it is information on the best practices for social distancing, new cases of COVID-19 across the world, new government programs to support unemployed workers, or updates on the world economy – news agencies and publications have a commitment to distribute information to the public.

Both traditional, as well as digital news, is making sure to update the public on how to keep safe during this pandemic. While digital news is consumed more by the younger generations, traditional methods such as newspapers and TVs are always a source of consumption in most households. This constant need for updating the public has resulted in news agencies and publishing houses to hire more manpower. As a result, there are more opportunities for reporters, editors, fact-checkers, video production staff, web, and IT specialists, etc during this crisis.

Final Words

Keep in mind, if you have lost your job during this pandemic, you are not alone. The silver lining is that there is still hope for you. Check if you can find work in any of the above sectors – you never know you might find something within your area. So before you decide to cut into your savings account, ask local businesses if they need any assistance during these unprecedented times. If we work together, we can make these challenging times slightly easier for each of us.


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