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Excellent Tips to Make your Work from Home More Productive

Remote work has become a necessity during a pandemic. Shifting work from a structured office environment to a home environment is quite challenging, but by following a routine you can get the most out of your remote work hours.

Here are some tips for working from home effectively. Check them out!

1. Create a Morning Routine 

Set up an alarm and wake up early to follow your morning routine like you were going to the office. Freshen up, get dressed for success, wear comfortable clothes, do your hair, and you are good to start your day. So, if asked to show up for a video meeting, you are ready for the same. This is the first essential productivity tip for working from home jobs

2. Choose a Dedicated Work Area

Choose a dedicated work area where you can work comfortably without distractions. Pick an area that has good natural lighting. Have a comfortable chair, as you have to spend long hours working. Keep a bottle of water and essential stationery. A dedicated workspace will help you in staying productive while working from home. 

Dedicated Work Area

3. Make Daily & Weekly To-Do List

Spend a few minutes to set daily and weekly to-do-list so that you are clear of your priorities. Ensure that everyone at home knows about your working hours and does not disturb you unless it’s an emergency. 

4. Maintain Consistent Working Hours

Set a schedule and stick to it. Ensure to have fixed working hours. Set clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day. Perform your tasks with full dedication. However, do not work past your work hours. It’s essential to strike a balance. Your personal life is just as important as your professional life.

Maintain Consistent Working Hours

5. Take Breaks

To avoid burnout, take frequent small breaks. Step away from your work desk and refresh. Take time to pause, relax, and recharge your brain. This is another productivity tip for working from home. Without breaks, your productivity level will go down. So frequent small breaks are necessary for focused working.

6. Go Outside in the Open

When you take a break, go out in the open to refresh and recharge. Do not drain your brain muscle by constantly sitting in one place. Take a walk or spend some time in the garden with your family. Fresh air and natural light will boost your mood. 

Go Outside

7. Eat & Sleep in Time

Ensure to have a fixed routine for eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to stay healthy in the long run. Include fruits, nuts & berries together with some juice in your diet. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.

Sleeping in time is equally important to stay healthy and focused and helps you to perform your tasks with ease. Sleep deprivation leads to a loss of concentration and impacts your productivity, so have a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep every day to work from home effectively.

8. Attend & Contribute to Virtual Meets

Attend virtual official meetings, and be prepared to share your ideas and offer inputs to add value. This is another effective tip to make your work from home more productive.

 Virtual Meets

9. Communicate Effectively

Remote working jobs can sometimes make communication difficult due to technological glitches. Ensure to connect with your team and boss at least once each day. Use communication channels like emails, video calls, and other platforms to stay connected with your seniors and colleagues and share updates regarding work. Be proactive about communicating what you will deliver and when.

10. Develop a Wellness Routine

Dedicate some time each day for some physical activity. Yoga, meditation, or some exercise will keep you healthy and energized all day long. Also, prepare some healthy recipes for your meals. Self-care is relevant to stay positive and work from home effectively during these challenging times. 

Wellness Routine

11. Limit Distractions

Choose your work area wisely to avoid distractions, away from the living room and kitchen, where activities go on all day long. Removing distractions will help you to stay focused on your tasks and will maximize your productivity levels. 

12. Prioritize Tasks

Prioritize your most urgent tasks first, and create a to-do list so that you stay on top of deadlines and remain productive even when your workload increases. This is one of the most important productivity tips for working from home. 

Prioritize Tasks

13. Ask for Support

If you feel stuck, do not shy away from asking for support. If you feel overwhelmed by your work, and feel drained, talk to your boss and try to work out a more flexible arrangement.

14. Look for Learning & Development Opportunities

Participate in online training sessions offered by your company to boost your skills and advance your professional career.

Learning & Development Opportunities

15. Pick a Definitive Finish Time

Do not let your work life bleed into your personal life. Creating a boundary is necessary. Set up an alarm each day to leave your work desk, just like you would leave your office. 

16. Tune into Inspiration

Play some music if it boosts your creativity. Play pumped-up jams if that’s what makes you productive. Or you can play some light instrumental music or soothing soundtracks. And if you are one of those who love working in silence, you can open windows to let some fresh air enter and keep the door closed to avoid distractions. This will help you in staying productive while working from home. 

Tune into Inspiration

17. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself or Others

Do not overburden yourself with responsibilities. Just because you are working from home does not mean being available for work all day long. Strike a balance, work only during fixed office hours. Also, do not overburden your subordinates with work. Be empathetic. 

18. Stay Positive 

And last but not least – stay positive. It’s necessary to be optimistic and happy. Staying positive enhances your productivity level and focus and is the most important tip for working from home effectively.

Stay Positive 

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