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2020 Highest Paying Jobs in India for Freshers & Experienced

Got Stuck? Want a bigger paycheck? Do you feel like you’re sleepwalking through life with no real idea of what you want? In this guide, you can discover a list of high-paying jobs in India.

India is competing to be a global economy. Therefore, the Government of India has come up with an ambitious goal. They have laid a foundation for young graduates to land the highest-paying jobs.

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Here is a list of High Paying Jobs in India:

1. Commercial Pilots: 

There is tremendous career growth for candidates who have always had a dream to fly around the world. Hence, this job attracts many youngsters to make a career in it. In fact, a commercial Pilot job is a highest-paying job in India. So to consider this job, you must have a well-cultivated mind for taking up this challenging job.

This is a challenging job that demands hard work, calmness, leadership, the ability to understand technical information, clear communication, problem-solving skills, etc.


You first have to obtain PPL (Private Pilot License) and after that, you can get a CPL (Commercial Pilot License).


The starting package of a commercial pilot is up to rupees 1.5L per month & at a senior level, you can earn around Rs 5 lakh per month.

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2. Doctors/Medical Professionals:

In India, there is an old saying that doctors are second to god on this earth. It is a profession in the world that gets the utmost respect. Physicians are the ones who diagnose a patient and prescribe medicines and treatment for the disease, while surgeons perform operations.

To begin your career as a doctor you must have patience, compassion, concentration, emotional strength, as well as an eye for detail.


To become a doctor you have to sink your teeth into practicing medicine. You have to take physics, chemistry as well as bio in 12th standard. Then for graduation, you have to clear the entry-level exam of NEET-UG, NEET-PG, and AIIMS Medical entrance exams.


The field of medicine is very competitive, however, it is one of the high-paying jobs in India. But the salary of a doctor depends on numerous factors such as the doctor’s earning potential, including specialization, education, as well as location. On average, the salary ranges from 1.20 to 1. 5 L per month.

3. Merchant Navy: 

If you do not like the idea of working at a desk from 9 to 5 and have a desire for a high salary then the merchant navy is the best option. For this, a person who has an adventurous mind and loves to travel and explore then than he/she will be a great fit for this opportunity.

Your job profile will include transporting goods from one place to another and 90% of your traveling will be over the sea. This job is the backbone of international trade and one of the high-paying jobs in India, carrying cargo across the world.


The eligibility for joining the merchant navy is finishing class 12th with Physics, Chemistry & Maths. Interested candidates can appear for the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET) or the All India Merchant Navy Entrance Exam. The other exams for Marine Engineering are JEE, MERI Entrance Exam, TIMSAT.


In the Merchant Navy, the salary range is from 12,000-8L rupees per month, and the pay structure depends upon the city to city, export-import needs, seniority, etc. All officers, as well as crew members, have access to free meals & the officers can take along their wives.

4. Chartered Accountants: 

Chartered Accountant Job is the core of all types of businesses. The role of a chartered accountant is to give advice, audit the accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records.

This might involve financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery, insolvency, or accounting systems and processes.

Skills required to become a CA, discipline, analytical skills, communication skills, ethical values, ability to take stress, etc.


It is not easy to study for CA, it involves studying voluminous books, and understanding various kinds of taxes, account theory & practices. You have to complete your higher secondary certificate with a Chartered Accountancy certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).


CA’s are always in demand, the average salary ranges from 6 lakhs to 30 Lakhs.

5. Civil Services: 

In a democracy, civil services play a vital role in the administration, policy formulation, and implementation, and in taking the country forward toward progress and development. It will take your blood, sweat & tears to become a civil servant.

There are different roles in civil services: Indian Administrative Services(IAS), Indian Foreign Services(IFS), Indian Police Services(IPS), and Indian Revenue Services(IRS).


For this, you must be a citizen of India, and the age limit is 21-30 years. Entry to the IAS, IPS, and the Central Services is through the combined competitive examination for the Civil Services. Recruitment to the Indian Forest Service is through a separate examination.

The Competitive Examination takes place in three stages-

Stage1: Prelims, it is a written examination that consists of two papers both in the objective format. Stage2: Main Examination, is the subjective or essay-type exam that includes nine papers. Stage3: Personality test, it is the most competitive around and the candidates are selected in a ratio of 1:2.


The basic per month salary of civil servants starts at 50,000+ & goes up to 2,50,000. Once you’ve been selected to be a part of the government team, you’ll have access to health care benefits, retirement benefits, and many other benefits.

6. Software Engineer:

Software Engineer is one of the most in-demand professional fields in India. The role of a software engineer is to develop and build computer system software and application software. It requires prior knowledge of programming knowledge, software development, and computer operating systems.

Skills required to become a computer science engineer or a software developer are organizational skills, project management, critical thinking, and decision-making.


Software Developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer and strong computer programming skills. In Interviews, you will often be asked about data structures and algorithms, so the theoretical knowledge provided by a traditional college degree is a must.


The package of a software engineer depends on the college and the company you are talking about. In India, the salary of a software developer goes as low as 2.5L per annum to over 30L  per annum. It depends on the kind and the extent to which you have mastered computer programming skills.

If you look at the placement records of IIT of the CSE branch it has an average package of around 15 lakhs per annum and the highest of 1 crore.

7. Cricketer

Cricket is a game that is enjoyed worldwide by amateurs and professionals alike. If you’ve always been interested in this field then you have to hit a home run before tasting success.


Cricket players are advised to join the cricket academy at a younger age. So you can get good training and take your skills to the next level. The success of a cricketer depends on an academy, coach, and mentor.


This field has the highest salary in India, the players who are of Grade A receives Rs. 2 crores annually, and players from Grade B and C receive 50 lakh.

8. Actors: 

The job role of an actor is to portray a character in a movie, play, television show, theater production, etc. For this, you must have the ability to memorize lines, a good screen or vocal presence, and a good understanding of dramatic techniques.


There is no education required to become an actor and still, it is a high-paying job in India. You will surely get a benefit if you have a bachelor’s degree in theater arts, drama, and acting. Acting in school is not a must to become an actor it is something that comes from within. For this, you need experience, creativity, and perseverance.


The average salary for an Actor is 20,000 Rupees per month in India and as you get experience and exposure you can earn crores.

9. Management Specialists: 

Management Specialists are MBA graduates with a professional roles in areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, as well as Logistics.


The most sought-after career is an MBA, one of the top-paying careers today. You can prepare yourself for entrance exams like CAT/XAT/CMAT/MAT/NMAT/SNAP & some of the popular regional entrance exams like MAH-MBA/MMS-CET.

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If you have completed your MBA from IIMs, FMS, ISB, or XLRI then a fresher starting package can be up to 8-10 Lakh per annum. IIM offers the highest package of INR 1 crore per annum.

10. Investment Bankers: 

Investment Bankers are not normal bankers who work for private or government banks. These bankers have degrees related to accounting, business, finance, economics, maths, statistics as well as engineering. Candidates who are good at numbers and have good analytical and communication skills and are much valued by recruiters.


A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement to become an investment banker. For this, you must have a competitive mind, solid in reading/writing maths, and good academic credentials

Moreover, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, it is possible to begin working in the field as an investment banker or after completing your MBA from a top business school.


Companies like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, etc hire graduates having degrees like- MBA, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, etc. The average salary of an investment banker in India is 10 to 25 lakhs per annum depending on the institute you are passed out from.

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Bottom Line: 

As you can see, above is a list of High Paying Jobs in India and all it requires are some special skills or qualifications. Just remember that for each job, you will require superb skills as well as excellent ownership that comes with experience.

More importantly, you need to know your strengths, weaknesses, as well as interests. You have to choose something that excites you. Since your first job has a greater impact on your career, you should find one where you can utilize your strength & interest. You need to give yourself some time. The person who can utilize the available resources effectively often lands into the highest salary jobs.

So start working towards your goal. All the best!


This article includes advice for general information only.

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