How to improve communication skills

How to Improve Communication Skills | 4 Min Ultimate Guide

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”-Peter Drucker

It is a fact that everybody seeks to have good communication skills. Being able to present one’s idea effectively is an art that you must master. Believe me, this article on how to improve communication skills will guide you step by step to unleash your hidden potential. Communication skills are required in every profession to excel.

Call center jobs, freshers jobs, marketing, and sales job demand proper communication skills from individuals.

Here, in this article, we will be discussing different ways to improve communication skills. Communication is the act of presenting one’s thoughts. Firstly, it requires confidence and self-belief.

Secondly, you need to be a good listener and empathetic which means you need to encourage the input of the person whom you are communicating with. Most importantly, establish the connection. To sum up, confidence, listening skill and the ability to communicate play a vital role in mastering the wonderful art of communication.

Usually, effective communicators build trust. How do they do it?

In fact, they are good listeners. They pay attention to the details and maintain eye contact. In a nutshell, to build strong communication skills, work on building trust.

Before jumping to the guide to improve communication skills, let’s understand why we need to have good communication skills.

Why should you have efficient Communication Skills?

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most sought after skills. The personal, professional, economical, social & emotional aspects of your life are guided by good communication skills.

A good communicator enjoys prosperity in life. A person with good communication skills has certain leadership qualities. Whatever profession you are in or looking to build a career, you will need to work on improving your communication skills. There are plenty of job opportunities after MBA in marketing, finance & sales.

You will have to communicate well with customers and your team. Hence, the ability to communicate well plays a vital role.

We would like to guide you through the reasons to have good communication skills:

Appreciation at the workplace

If you are looking for a job in your niche, the most important thing you need is good communication skills. In fact, you will have to be able to demonstrate your thoughts and vision to the employer.

Firstly, a good communicator constantly maintains eye contact and listens attentively. Secondly, they put forward their ideas clearly and concisely & work well in groups. To sum up, they will always maintain healthy interpersonal, as well as, professional relationships at the workplace. As a result, they get respect & appreciation there.

Assists in the progress of your career: 

Growth is the need of every human being on the planet. In other words, people wish to get growth in their career, business, and life. In order to grow in your career, you need to provide value to the organization.

As the workplace is becoming global, people with good interpersonal skills will thrive and succeed. Good communicators can have an influence on the team. In fact, they can achieve co-operation from their team members to develop products and provide better services.

Enhances your professional as well as personal image: 

You would like to build a good rapport with your colleagues, boss, instructors, etc. The way you communicate your thoughts and ideas will have an impact on the relationships with them. Most often at your workplace, you need to communicate verbally, non-verbally or in written form. Therefore, you need to have good communication skills to thrive.

To sum up, success in life is directly proportional to your ability to communicate. Hence, you need to master it. In this article, various approaches to improve communication skills have been discussed.

Now, let’s dive into the approach you should take to improve your communication skills. We will discuss various approaches you can follow and practice regularly so that you can be a good communicator and excel in your life.

How to Improve Communication Skills

1. Understanding the basics of communication skills:

Know what communication really is

Communication is not only speaking. It’s also about listening. You have to share the information either verbally, non-verbally or in written form. Proper body language and gestures do play a vital role in making an impact.

In other words, you can say it’s a part of communication skills. The confidence level determines your body language which is reflected when you share your ideas and vision.

You need to have the courage to say what you think

If you want to communicate effectively you will have to show courage to stand and speak to the people. In fact, you will have to master the confidence to build courage. You must be wondering, how to build confidence, right! It’s neither easy nor difficult.

You need to be well informed about the situation. Moreover, you must have a proper understanding of the subject matter. Besides this, you can take inspiration from your role model as well. Thus, you can develop the attitude of a lion.

2. Engaging your audience

Awareness regarding your body language

Your body gesture plays an important role here.

“Action speaks louder than words”

You need to develop a positive mood and be welcoming. In other words, embrace and accept the ideas. To sum up, a positive body gesture will help you grab the attention of the people.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most important aspects of verbal as well as non-verbal communication. It will help you gain the trust of the people you are talking to. When people trust you, they will open up to you.

Note: Listen to them attentively when they are talking and do not make weird facial expression.

Therefore, the main purpose of making eye contact is to build trust.

Manifesting constructive attitudes and belief

You need to be calm and composed while making an interaction. In addition to this, you need to focus on being sensitive to the belief, ideals, and values of people. Moreover, you need to trust them. Besides this, they need your appreciation, as well as, encouragement to succeed.

Be the reason for their success.

To sum up, provide value and meaning to their life and pay full attention because active listening is important.

3. Usage of your words

Words add meaning to your feelings, thoughts & ideas. A good communicator uses words properly. In order to use them effectively, know their meaning better. Moreover, you will have to articulate yourself in a better manner while speaking.

As words add meaning, you need to use the right words to convey the right messages. Apart from this, practice on developing your voice. In fact, you may learn to pronounce certain words and letters. Furthermore, you need to focus on the volume of your voice.

Note: Speak softly to the people who are close whereas speak louder when you are speaking to larger groups. 


In a nutshell, effective communicators have confidence, courage and the right mix of vocabulary. Furthermore, they are compassionate. In addition to this, they have a certain level of influence on the listener.

Besides this, they are good listeners and are encouraging. Steve Jobs communicated well and despite not having good programming skills was able to transform the world. Therefore, focus on improving your personality and have a rich vocabulary. Thus, you can improve your communication skills.

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