HR executive job description

HR Executive Job Description: Roles & Qualifications

Any organization, big or small, needs a Human Resource department. HR Executive job description entails a diverse range of duties. An HR executive is capable of ensuring that the employees of an organization are qualified to do their jobs.

Hence, their duty entails more than simply accepting job applications and extending offer letters. They are strategic intellectuals who are not only aware of functional areas of Human Resources. They also have a deep understanding of the company’s mission.

Their prime responsibility is to communicate the vision of the company to the newly hired employees as well. Moreover, they need to coordinate & act as a bridge between management and employees.

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Role and Responsibilities

HR executive job description talks about overseeing and directing the administrative tasks of a company. Such as personnel management, employee compensation, social welfare, maintaining HR records, etc. Furthermore, HR executives are responsible for the following:

  • Meet with department heads to determine their staffing needs.
  • Write employment notices.
  • Conduct training procedures for new employees.
  • Work with the CEO to frame HR initiatives that will benefit the company.
  • Comprehend and adhere to labor laws.
  • Direct business activities for employees.
  • Conduct regular meetings with employees to review their progress.
  • Educate employees on company policies.
  • Participate in recruiter training for freshers, being at the senior level.
  • Work on the payroll.
  • The HR department is responsible for the hiring process.

Qualification for HR Executive

A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree to be qualified to become an HR executive. However, some employers may also ask for a master’s degree in their HR Executive job description. But that primarily depends on the company’s requirements and may vary from one company to another. The requirement is a degree in human resources, business administration, or other related fields.

However, these degrees result in gaining entry-level jobs like HR Assistant or HR Generalist. To become an HR executive, you need work experience of at least 5 years in the HR field.

Apart from relevant qualifications, additional requirements of an HR executive include the following:

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • Strong verbal and written skills.
  • Proven leadership qualities.
  • Attentive listener, empathetic.
  • Positive attitude and self-motivated.

Career Scope

HR is entirely a people-oriented career. You have to deal with the most precious resource of any organization, its employees. Hence, HR executives need to be empathetic. Besides, it is one of their key roles to ensure harmony in the company and work on employee satisfaction.

The roots of HR lie in administration, personnel management, employee welfare, etc. After becoming an HR executive you can rise further in your career. With a reasonable number of years added to your work experience, you can aim to be promoted to HR manager.

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HR Manager:

There is a vast spectrum of responsibilities that an HR manager complies with. His duties multiply as compared to the responsibility of an executive or generalist. An HR manager is a team to lead. Therefore, exceptional leadership skills are a must.

Moreover, their responsibilities become less administrative. It mainly includes budgeting, interviewing, employee investigations, etc.

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HR Director:

HR directors are usually responsible for more than one HR team. They may overlook a region, or serve as the highest rank of the organization they are working at. Their duties include creating the annual budget, building relationships, deciding on company policies, etc.


The vice president of HR reports directly to the CEO of the company. The VP collaborates with the executive teams and discusses business aspirations. Moreover, they work together and evaluate financial documents to see how revenue is being generated in the business.


A typical pay range for an HR executive lies between 3-3.5 LPA. Consequently, this adds up to about 25-30k per month. However, this may differ depending on the company and the location of the job.

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However, to grab the HR Executive job, you need to be competent enough to crack the HR Interview round. You will be facing rigorous interview questions.

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