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How To Nail The HR Interview | 60+ Excellent Resources

While a strong academic record and great technical knowledge are important factors, they alone can’t guarantee that you will get a job. Every company has different rounds that judge different aspects of you as a candidate. For instance, the HR interview is conducted to test a candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, as well as background. It is generally the last round of every recruitment process.

HR interview is necessary to evaluate the candidate as the right fit for the job as well as the company. In fact, in most IT companies, it is the eliminating round for many candidates. Therefore, it is important to nail your HR interview.

This blog is a compilation of amazing resources that will help you with your HR interview preparation from start to finish. So let’s begin!

The Screening Process

The screening process is a method that recruiters use to assess a list of potential candidates and narrow down the list to the most qualified candidates. This process takes place before the interview. Hence, if you don’t clear the screening process your resume will not even make it to the HR’s desk. But don’t let this idea intimidate you. All you need to do is keep a few things in mind.

Job Application & Resume

First of all, a typical screening process consists of a few pointers. Like, scanning the job applications and resumes, followed by taking virtual interviews which can either be a skype or a telephonic conversation. Sending out the perfect job application is equally important as making an eye-catching resume. These documents reach the HR’s office way before you do. Hence, they have to give a solid first impression.

Here are some amazing resources that are worth giving a read before sending your job application letter or building a resume:

Skype/Telephonic Interview

Telephonic or Skype interviews are slightly laid back as compared with in-person interviews. But that does not mean you should take them any less seriously. Since these interviews rely heavily on calls, make sure you are giving these interviews in a quiet place. There is nothing more embarrassing than repeatedly asking the interviewer because you can’t hear them! To avoid any such situations, check out these resources on how you can clear your skype/telephonic interviews effortlessly:

Most Common HR Interview Questions

Now its time for the in-person meeting. Regardless of which job profile you are interviewing, there are a certain sets of questions that every HR asks the candidate. The key is to keep your answers ready for such questions and practice saying them out loud. It will not only make you feel more prepared but also calm your nerves during the interview.

Here is a list of a few common HR interview questions and how to answer them:

Tell me about yourself.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why do you want to work with us?

Are you a team player?

How To Negotiate For Salary

Another thing to remember before you go for your HR interview is that you should know how to discuss your salary. Salary negotiation is something most of us are scared of, even more than the interview itself! But it cannot be emphasized enough how necessary it is to understand how to negotiate for salary. You know your worth better than anyone out there. Hence, only you can pitch yourself. Take these amazing tips from the following blogs to help you negotiate for salary:

General Tips for HR Interview

Dress To Impress

“What am I supposed to wear to the interview?” – the answer to this question varies from one company to another. Some companies have a strictly formal dress code while others are more bent towards business casuals. Regardless of which company you are going to, you always want to dress to make the best impression.

Body Language

The old saying “Actions speak louder than words” can sum up this point perfectly. You could have the perfect resume, professional attire, but if you sit in front of the interviewer without making eye contact and slouching in the chair, it is all a waste. You need to be extra cautious of your body language. It should come off as friendly and calm instead of agitated or aggressive or disinterested.

Be Confident

It is easy to give in to your nerves and mess up an interview that was otherwise going well. This is not even intentional on anyone’s part. A lot of us deal with anxiety and stress on an everyday basis and it is understandable that in an uncomfortable environment like an interview room, it can get slightly out of hands. Lucky for you, we have compiled excellent resources to help you boost your confidence for an interview:

Follow Up Email

Last, but not the least, remember to follow up with HR after the interview. This is an important step in the whole process because not only will it show the recruiter that you are sincere about this job, but also this step is usually skipped by a lot of people. As a result, this could act as your chance to stand out from the crowd. The best way to follow up is by sending a follow-up email. Take this email as an opportunity to thank the HR for a chance to interview with them. Moreover, you may also ask for feedback about your interview.

Here is a great collection of resources that will help you in drafting the perfect follow up email:



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