Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions & Answers that you Can’t Miss to Prepare

You all inquisitive people, your wait has finally come to an end. In this blog, we’ll talk about the most anticipated tool of testing and that is Selenium. Also, we will discuss important Selenium interview questions & answers, because only gaining knowledge won’t pay you until you practice. Here, you will find selenium interview questions for experienced testers too, just in case you want to brush your skills, so stick together till the end.

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When testers got fed up with checking thousands of lines of code manually, the coders thought of making their life easier hence they made tools for checking the codes automatically. Selenium is a widely used open-source Web User Interface automation tool. It was originally developed in 2004 but as an internal tool at Thoughts Works.

The coolest thing about this tool is that Selenium serves as an automation tool across different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera along with many platforms and programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, and many more. Obviously, it isn’t a replacement for any testing tool, but it can be considered as a better alternative considering it is open-source.

Knowledge About The Tool Isn’t Sufficient

But knowing about the tool isn’t enough for any techie, you should know all the expected questions that can come in your interview, so we’ll be diving into Java Selenium interview questions. We’ll cover Selenium interview questions for freshers & experienced individuals as well. But before that, we need to understand how java is linked to this tool and why?

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Relation With Java-Important aspect of Selenium Interview Questions:

This is just an introduction to explain why developers pick Java over other languages when it comes to working on the Selenium tool. Well, there is a plausible answer too. So, before jumping into the Java Selenium interview questions and Selenium interview questions for experienced let’s learn the secret.

Most Celebrated Language:

Java is the most celebrated and preferred language among the application developer community all around the world. Thus, there are so many benefits of writing selenium test cases using Java. Some of them are:

  1. As we know, Selenium supports the programming language Java. So the testers can be benefitted from the active community of contributors to write test cases.
  2. Moreover, the programs written in Java are faster to execute in comparison to other programming languages eg- Python, Ruby, etc.
  3.  Java is more widely used in commercial applications than other languages so the tester is in a win-win situation while dealing with applications.

Selenium: An Amazing Tool

In this blog, I won’t be discussing how to get started with this amazing tool Selenium and Java. Because here we are here to discuss Java Selenium interview questions.

So, let’s start with the most expected questions that can encounter while you sit face to face with the interviewer in your dream company.

Now here are some Selenium interview questions for experienced which will be helpful if you’re targeting a higher position in testing:

Selenium interview questions for experienced

The most expected questions Java Selenium interview questions for experienced are as follows:

  1. Are OOPS concepts used in Selenium? If so, then what are those concepts?


Yes, OOPS concepts are used in Selenium and some of them are listed below:

  1. Inheritance
  2. Abstraction
  3. Encapsulation ( POM )
  4. Polymorphism
  5. execute a Test Regression Suite in Selenium

2. How can a breakpoint be inserted Selenium IDE?


To insert a breakpoint in Selenium IDE, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. First, Select “Toggle breakpoint” by right-clicking on the command in Selenium IDE
  2. Then, press “B” on the Multiple breakpoints can be set in Selenium IDE.
  3. With the Selenium IDE, several breakpoints can be selected.

   4. Name the components of the selenium.


There are 4 components namely:

  1. Selenium web driver
  2. Another component is Selenium RC
  3. Selenium Grid
  4. The last component is the selenium IDE

  5. How can you open a chrome browser in selenium using a code?


The code for the same can be written as:


WebDriver driver = new chrome driver ();


   6. How can you find the source code of the web page?


The code is as follows:


Selenium interview questions for freshers 

1. How can an element be found using Selenium?


If you’re dealing with Selenium you should keep in mind that the “element” is an important part.


In the open tool Selenium, while you’re working on a web page you should refer to every object or control as an element. They are several ways of finding an element in a web page and some of them are:

  1. Name
  2. Attributes
  3. Tag
  4. CSS
  5. Linktext
  6. Xpath

   2. List all the test types that Selenium supports


There are two tests types basically for web-based testing Selenium that can be used and these are:

  1. Regression
  2. Functional

   3. Explain with an example, how the text of a webpage can be asserted using selenium 2.0.

While answering such Java Selenium interview questions we must have some knowledge of the codes also.



WebElement el = driver.findElement(“ElementID”))

//get text from element and stored in text variable

String text = el.getText();

//assert text from expected

Assert.assertEquals(“Element Text”, text);

This will clear your doubts too while you sit in the interview.

  4. Explain what do you mean by object repository?


Whenever we are talking about crucial units in UI, we should never forget about the object repository. Being an integral part it helps the tester to keep all objects that are used in the scripts at more than one centralized location rather than decentralizing the location.

  5. What are the different exceptions a tester has in the Selenium web driver?


Although there are so many exceptions in Selenium web driver, the top 5 are as follows:

  1. NoAlertPresentException
  2. NoSuchElementException
  3. Another exception is NoSuchElementException
  4. WebDriverException
  5. TimeoutException

   6. How to upload a file using Selenium?


Firstly, you have to type the “type command” in a file input box of the upload file.  Selenium uses a “Robot” class to upload the work.


So in this blog of Java Selenium interview questions and Selenium interview questions for experienced we have learned about the basics of Java and Selenium and why Selenium has emerged as an exceptionally good open-source tool.

Also, we have learned about some really important questions for beginners as well as experienced. Hopefully, it will help you crack your interview so that you can land in your dream company. Until we meet again with a new topic, keep learning and keep coding.

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