Java Developer Job Description

Java Developer Job Description- Roles & Responsibilities

Do you see the world and often wonder what code might be running behind it that everything is functioning so well without any bugs? Well, you are apt to be a coder. And if we are talking about coding we must know that coders simply love Java and why not, there is nothing that Java can’t do. Even you can embed an animation inside its code successfully which other popular and conventional languages are not able to do. Java developers are basically computer programmers who have a good command of the language. They are responsible for the designs that are visible to the user on the computer screen. They also have the responsibility of developing and implementing Java applications and testing various software too. In addition to this, as technology is evolving, java is used to write android apps,  cloud environments, and machine learning. While we are discussing the java developer job description, it is necessary to highlight the responsibilities too.

There are plenty of java developer jobs in India and abroad. You need to be able to fulfill your responsibilities and understand the requirements & need of technologies to master for cementing yourself in these competitive environments.


  • They are responsible for java based applications.
  • Designing the interface and back-end code too.
  • They have to gather and analyze the client’s requirements to make the application the way the user wants.
  • With the help of the requirements, they can easily set objectives.
  • They also help in setting up business goals while keeping in mind the application design.
  • The Java developer also develops and tests software.
  • They are also responsible for bug-free applications that will go into the hands of the users.
  • Along with coding they have to produce detailed documentation too.


  • To do a job as a Java developer you need to have a degree in Computer Science or a diploma in the relevant field.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge about the user interface and make it in such a way that it is appealing to the user.
  • Java developers must have an analytical mindset and good problem-solving skills too.
  • The developer might have to communicate with the client at some other point, so excellent communication skills are also required.
  • Must be good at organizing things and codes too.
  • The developer must be a team player.
  • Must give attention to details.

Technologies to Master by a Java Developer

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • Big Data
  • Mobile technologies
  • Advanced javascript & framework
  • Spring Boots & Microservices

Duties of a Java Developer:

  • A fresher is responsible for defining the site objectives and analyzing the requirements of the user.
  • He designs and develops the interface and back-end code.
  • Sees to the functioning and features of the application.
  • The testing part of the application is also handled by the freshers with the help of the seniors.
  • The java developer is responsible for putting valuable input throughout the development cycle
  • Not only do they have to make the user interface look good but also integrate it with the database too.
  • With the help of java, they also perform certain studies that include connectivity with the network systems, search engines, and also with information servers.
  • They have to report the issues and along with that, they have to report the problem too.
  • Freshers are also responsible for improving code quality by implementing the best practices.
  • A java developer supports the end users by providing documentation so that it becomes easy for the users to understand the whole procedure.
  • They are also expected to identify the major changes that can hinder the production of a good application.
  • By writing good code they enhance the reputation of the organization by completing the work requests as per the user’s demand.
  • And they are not just responsible for writing good quality codes but also they are expected to research more so that they can come up with better ideas to enhance the whole code.

Apart from this, in order to pace up with the technological revolution, you have to be aware of the following technologies as well.

However, if you are an experienced Java Developer, chances are maximum for your selection with good pay. You must write your work experience properly in a good format in your resume.

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