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Application for Sick Leave: Format & Samples

Each one of us has faced those days when we feel under the weather and cannot go forth with our regular day. Working on such days seems impossible which is why companies provide sick leaves to their employees.

Sick leave is the time taken off from work by employees to take care of their health without losing pay. In many nations, it is mandatory for companies to provide sick leaves. To request a leave, an employee is expected to submit an Application for Sick Leave.

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Format Of An Application for Sick Leave:

As far as sick days go, it is not subjected to only employees. Be it an employee or a student, sick leaves are a necessity for everyone. Of course, the content of the sick leave application letter will differ but the components remain the same.

The trick behind writing an application is to convey the message in a precise way. This means explaining the situation in a comprehensive manner. But at the same time, avoid providing irrelevant details to the recipient because it could deviate them from what is actually necessary.

Let’s take a look at all the components of an application for sick leave:


The very first component in the format of a sick leave application is the recipient. In case of a sick leave application letter for office, the recipient will be your reporting manager. In the case of college and school, it will be submitted to the Dean and Principal respectively.


The very first thing which the recipient will see is the subject of your E-mail. So the subject line should always be precise and clear. This is to ensure that the recipient knows the reason behind your mail before going through the contents. An inaccurate subject might result in your e-mail not being opened at the right time, leading to unwanted delays and confusion.


Always commence your e-mail with a greeting. It is not only polite to do so, but will make your application look more structured and put together. It is also necessary to start with a greeting because it is always directed towards the recipient. Start your email with a “Dear Mr./Ms.” or a “Dear sir/madam”


Describe the reason behind writing the mail. It is important to define the context of your e-mail in the initial few sentences to keep the reader involved. In case of sick leave, describe what you are diagnosed with and what is wrong with your health.

Specify Number Of Days

When you write a sick leave, it is important to specify for how long you require a leave. You can either put down specific dates, like from the 6th of October till the 11th of October. In addition, you can provide a time bracket specifying the time you will be away like a week or a collection of days.


Make sure to give assurance to your manager that you will not let your absence affect your work. Describe how you will manage everything if there is an emergency or how you have requested a co-worker to handle work in your absence. Similarly, in the case of school or college mention how you will cope up with the syllabus as soon as you are back.

Closing Statement

Always include a closing statement in your e-mail. Mention your request, ‘Kindly approve my leaves from [start date] to [end date]’. Thank the recipient for their cooperation and close with statements like, ‘yours sincerely’, ‘warm regards’, etc.

Include Attachments

In case required, include attachments with your sick leave application letter. It could be a doctor’s prescription, note or a medical certificate. Also, remember to mention in your text that you are attaching a document with your e-mail.

Avoid attaching documents without mentioning them in the e-mail. But at the same time, do not forget to attach a document when you have mentioned it in the body of your e-mail. As a courtesy, keep the attachments to a minimum number.

Proofread your Application for Sick Leave

Before hitting send, ensure that you go through the contents of your e-mail. Check it for any spelling errors or typing mistakes. Also, check if the information mentioned in the e-mail is accurate, especially the dates of your leaves. You do not want to write down the wrong dates and then have an embarrassing conversation with your boss about ignoring the mail.

Now that we have taken a look at the components of a sick leave application letter, let’s take a look at a few samples to understand leave application format.

Sample of Application for Sick Leave

Subject: Applying for sick leave

Dear [Recepeint’s name] ,

This is to inform you that I am suffering from fever since last night. As a result, I will not be able to come to work for [number of days]. Kindly grant me leave from work for the same. My doctor has advised me to rest properly before resuming work. 

I do not have anything pending at work and therefore, do not expect any emergencies. Regardless, I have requested [collegue’s name] to step forward and handle the workload in case there is any requirement. I will be available on my email if you wish to contact me. 

Thank you for your understanding.


[Employee’s name]

Sample of Sick Leave Application Letter for School/College

The Principal,

[XYZ School]

[City, Country]

Subject: Application for leave

Respected sir, [or last name of the class teacher]

I am [Student name] student of [class/course]. This is to bring to your kind notice that I came down with a high fever yesterday and was diagnosed with Malaria. The doctor has advised me to take complete bed rest for a week or two.

As a result, I will not be able to attend school until I get back to my normal health. I request you to grant me [number of days] leave.

I assure you once I have recovered completely, I will take help from my teachers and classmates to cover the syllabus and perform well in the final examination. Therefore, I request you to accept my application and grant me leaves.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

[Student’s name]

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