Goodbye Email for Colleagues

Goodbye Email for Colleagues | Bid Adieu Perfectly

Leaving and joining companies is a part and parcel of one’s professional journey. Career building means grabbing every opportunity coming your way. And in some cases, one has to bid adieu to their current organization to encash the opportunity. Whereas it is important to leave a good impression on the people you will be working with, it is equally significant to have nice terms with the staff of your current company. As unbelievable as it may sound, one can strengthen their relationship with their soon-to-be ex-co-worker while leaving the organization. One can do it simply by writing a goodbye email for colleagues.

A goodbye email is sent to the colleagues on the last day of employment. In a good farewell email to colleagues, one describes their journey in the company and conveys whatever they have to say to their colleagues. As the name suggests goodbye emails for colleagues can be sent to one person and an entire group both. interestingly, the concept was not very popular in the bygone days but now is being used blindly.

As the concept of goodbye emails for colleagues is new, many people do not know how to write a good farewell email to colleagues. Here, I have enlisted some goodbye emails to colleagues samples that will help you in writing your goodbye email for office colleagues.

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Resignation Email and Farewell Email:

Whereas a resignation email is directed to the boss, a farewell email is meant for the colleagues. A good farewell email for colleagues is sent on the last day of the notice period and the resignation email is written at the beginning of the notice period. As far as the tone of the email is concerned then it is worth noting that resignation mail is completely formal but a good farewell email to colleagues can be formal or informal both depending on one’s closeness with the recipient. The goodbye email for office colleagues is gaining a lot of popularity.

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Points To Remember

  • Be Positive: Steer away from making any negative comments. Remember, the main purpose of writing a goodbye email to office colleagues is to strengthen your relationship with them. Fill in the letter with your positive experiences and opinions about the company. If you are not sure about what to write, you can take a cue from the goodbye email to colleagues sample enlisted below.
  • The Last Day: Send the letter a day or two before the completion of your notice period. It is to give the colleagues some time to respond and react. Some might want to say goodbye in person and some might want to know about your future plan. This is why you must send your goodbye email to colleagues a few days before leaving the organization.
  • Contact Details: The inclusion of contact details is a must in a good farewell email to colleagues. Usually, employers deactivate workers’ official email accounts right after they leave so you must put down your alternative contact details and personal email address where they can reach you.
  • CC Yourself: This may sound weird but one should always cc their personal email address in the letter. By this, you can get their response even if your official email id is deactivated. Moreover, you can also keep a record of your goodbye email for colleagues for future reference too.
  • Concise: Unbearably long paragraphs are not appreciated and in some cases are not even read by colleagues. Don’t forget, the goodbye email for colleagues is just a lengthy version of thankyou. Include your contact details, your transition details, and nothing more than that.
  • Personalize: If you are sending goodbye emails to different individuals, do personalize them. Writing a goodbye email for colleagues gets a little tricky when you write individual emails to others. You can’t write the same things to everyone as you have different relationships with different people.

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  1. Goodbye email for office colleagues-1

Hi [Their name],

You might have heard that I’ m leaving [Company X].

I am willing to express my gratitude for getting the opportunity to know you both personally and professionally for the last [X years/months]. Had it not been your friendship, support, and assistance, my stint here would have been very different.

My future plan is [Plan X]. I am all thrilled to begin but will not forget the achievements we have together like [Achievement X]. In case you don’t have my contact details:

[Phone X, email X, LinkedIn X]

Stay in contact.

Wishing you all the best for the future,

[Your name]

2. Goodbye email for office colleagues-2

Subject Line: Thank You

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to tell you that I’ve accepted another job offer and will have next Friday as my last day.

I have very much enjoyed my time here and want to thank you for your mentorship for the last four years. The fact is that I would not have achieved so much as I did, had it not for your encouragement and support. I will always remember the lessons you taught me.

I’ll be relocating to Philadelphia, to begin with, my new job. You can contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 555-678-9101.

Thank you again for everything!



3. Goodbye email for office colleagues-3

Subject Line: Moving On

My Fellow ABC Company Employees,

I wanted to let you all know that I am joining another company and my last day with ABC Company will be tomorrow, October 3.

While I am excited about this next turn of my career, I am going to miss working with each of you. It was very nice working with you all.

If there is anything you want to know about my accounts, please contact Mandy Jenkins, Who will be filling my position until the new account manager joins on Nov. 1.

Please feel free to reach out to me. You can contact me at my personal email address [email protected] or on my cell at 666-145-0046.

Thank you again, and best of luck for all your future endeavors!



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