Experience Letter Format

Experience Letter Format, Sample & Components

An experience letter is a letter issued to an employee by their employer as proof of their work at an organization. Be it your internship or a summer job, part-time employment, or a full-time career; everyone needs an experience letter.

Also known as an experience certificate letter, this official document certifies all the skills as well as the knowledge an employee has acquired during the course of their employment. This is one of the most important documents for career growth as well as the future opportunities of an employee.


More often than not it is the HR or the reporting manager in a company that issues this document. Regardless of who issues this document, it is important for every employee to know what an experience letter consists of.

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Components Of An Experience Letter:

Employee Details

It is important that all the crucial details of the employee are included in the experience letter. These details include the employee’s full name, employee ID, terms of service, role(s), tenure of employment, etc.

Company details

This part of the letter must contain details about the company, its offices, contact number, etc. as this would be used by future employers to contact the company if needed for background verification. This should include the complete name of the company, the complete corporate address, the contact numbers, the persons to contact, and also the details of the person issuing the experience certificate letter.

Letter date

This may seem trivial but it is of utmost importance that the date (day, month, and year) of writing this letter is mentioned. This is crucial to avoid any future disputes on the matter of past employment.

Employment information

This section of the experience letter covers the employee’s duties and responsibilities and how they performed their role and responsibilities to the best of their capability. This generally includes future well-wishing for the employee as well.

Last working date

Just as it is important to make a note of the date the letter was written, it is equally important to state the date (day, month, year) of the last working day of the employee. This allows the validity of the employee applying to other companies to be verified by future employers.

Last drawn salary

The letter must mention the last drawn salary by the employer in the company. This must be in terms of the Cost to the Company (CTC). This is an important part of the experience letter as it helps to determine the future salary of the employee. The employee can negotiate his future salary as per the salary he used to get from his previous employer.

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Details of the writer

It is crucial in an experience letter certificate that the name, signature, designation, and contact details of the person writing the letter are included. This helps not only in proving the authenticity of the letter but in also establishing contact in case of query or dispute.

Furthermore, you must know how to write a professional email as well.

Now that we have discussed the components of an experience letter, let us take a look at the format samples. It is very similar to any other formal letter but does have unique aspects too. Here are some samples of the experience letter format.

Experience Letter Samples: 

Sample #1 Simple Experience Letter Format

[Name Of The Employee][Full Address][Contact Number][Email Address] [Date]

Subject: Work Experience letter

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that [employee name] worked at [Name of the company] as a Senior Team Lead from [Tenure of Employment]. Their last drawn salary was [CTC] while working with us.

He joined the company as a senior associate in the HR function performing the role of administrative assistant to the senior team. Over time he has risen to become Senior Team Lead working on hiring and employee relations for all offices located in the North-Eastern part of the country. In his last role, he traveled across the regions extensively looking after all employee and worker relations along with hiring working in tandem with the legal, hiring, and industrial relations teams at all locations.

We would like to thank him for his years of service with our company to date and would like to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

[Name of the Employer][Designation][Company name][Contact]

Sample #2 Experience Letter Format for Teacher

Subject: Work Experience letter

To Whom It May Concern

Here is to certify that [Name of the employee] joined our school on [Date of joining] and she has been working here for the past three years. She mainly taught the students of class V to class IX covering two primary subjects i.e. Geography and Economics.

While she has finished her Master’s in Economics, she is a solid resource for Geography as well. Students are very affectionate to her and she has exhibited a unique way of imparting knowledge to them. We are happy to recognize consistent growth in her.

We wish her all the success and growth in her future.

[Name of the Principal][School name][Contact]

Sample #3 Experience Letter for IT Professionals

IT Professional Experience Letter Format

Download Here

Sample #4 Accountant Experience Letter format

                                                                 Accountant Experience Letter Format

Download Here

It is in light of this that an experience letter certificate is issued and seen by all involved, be it employers, employees, or future employers. An experience letter must be a document well filed and saved by the company, the employee and all future hires to be able to swiftly sort all disputes if they were to occur.

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