Top Recruitment Trends for 2022

Top Recruitment Trends for 2022!

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.’​’​

The Great Resignation wave that started in 2021 continues in 2022 and is impacting all industries. There’s a global talent shortage, and in the intensely competitive market, finding high-quality candidates through online job portals or the best job search engines has become a costly and time-consuming process. The year 2022 is seeing new and innovative recruitment trends to attract, shortlist, and hire top candidates within various businesses and industries. 

Here are the major recruitment trends for 2022! Take a look!


2022 will be the year of data-driven recruitment. There would be a rise in the use of AI and machine learning to hire the best talent. Companies will use Programmatic job advertising, which would give them real-time insights to develop intelligent recruitment strategies and have a competitive edge in the market. 

Trend 2 – Increased Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Companies will focus on hiring employees of diverse backgrounds. They will use artificial intelligence, workplace assessment, and train Human Resource employees to get rid of unconscious bias in the recruitment process. McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report proves that businesses having gender and ethnic diverse executive teams are likely to have above-average profitability.

Trend 3 – EVP Development & Employer Branding

2022 will see EVP development like never before. As per the Corporate Leadership Council’s research, a clearly outlined and well-executed EVP can decrease annual employee turnover by 69% and thus, lower recruitment costs.

To improve retention and talent attraction in 2022, employers will offer perks that go beyond fat cheques. Employer branding will be a critical recruiting and retention strategy this year. Thus, your corporate culture will determine whether an applicant will choose you over your competitor.

Trend 4 – Skill-Based Hiring 

Employers would focus more on relevant experience than on resumes this year. Talent acquisition will shift from paper resumes to skill assessment.

Trend 5 – Candidate Driven Market

In 2022, candidates hold all the power. With demand outstripping supply, as a result of Great Resignation, employees would have greater say in salary negotiations. At this time when companies are planning to resume their operations full-scale, employees have the leverage to negotiate for salary and benefits.

Trend 6 – Employee Wellness a Priority

In 2022, attractive packages won’t be enough for candidates doing an online job search, pandemic has reinforced the adage – health is wealth. For companies to thrive today, it has become essential to focus on employees’ mental health and wellness. This year, employees will not only look at salary packages but also look at company culture, freedom, meaning, and growth.

Trend 6 – Remote Working will Continue

Remote recruitment is here to stay. As per LinkedIn’s analysis of work trends in 15 countries – The most in-demand jobs for 2021 can all be done remotely. And a World Economic Forum report states – 84% of employers plan to expand remote working. As per LinkedIn’s new Future of Recruiting: Asia-Pacific report – 80% of employers said that their interviewing and hiring process is now fully remote. As per a study, lack of hybrid, remote working may lead to attrition.

Trend 7 – On-Demand Workforce

It refers to the cohort of gig-economy workers and freelancers who can be on-boarded for time-bound individual projects. With remote working and remote hiring becoming usual, the idea of an on-demand workforce is becoming alluring to many companies. As per research from the McKinsey Global Institute, 162 million people in the US and the EU are gig workers – that’s approximately 20 to 30% of the workforce. The benefit of an on-demand workforce is that it can deliver high-impact work without undergoing recruitment into the company.

Trend 8 – Surge in Demand for Skilled Manpower

There would be a surge in demand for skilled manpower. The top skills that organizations would be on the lookout for candidates doing an online job search in 2022 are – data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and digital marketing.

Trend 9 – Internal Mobility

This year companies will embrace the culture of internal mobility. The current job market is highly competitive, and it’s tough to find skilled, talented candidates on online job portals. So, internal candidates will be a massive resource in 2022. As per LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning report 2021,” businesses with high internal mobility retain employees twice the length of tenure as compared to those with low mobility.

Trend 10 – Fairness in Pay and Rewards

In 2022, equitable and fair pay would be among the greatest drivers of employee satisfaction. Employers would focus on pay equity, transparency of the process, and fairness in reward and recognition.

Trend 11 – Upskilling and Training

Many vacancies would be filled internally by providing adequate training either in-house through an academy or by outsourcing. As more & more employees are working remotely, companies will upskill and train their workforce virtually, leading to a well-rounded workforce.

Trend 12 – Increased Incentives and Referral Programs

With talent scarcity on the rise, companies are finding it difficult to find and secure top talent on online job portals. Resultantly, 2022 will see a dramatic rise in high-value referral programs.

Trend 13 – Remote or Hybrid Working

Due to uncertainty caused by Covid-19, businesses will prefer to continue working remotely. Some of the companies have created a hybrid working environment allowing employees to work both remotely and in the office a couple of days in the week.

Trend 14 – Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are those who are not actively looking for jobs. These candidates often make better hires. They are not desperate to leave their current employers or are facing unemployment. They decide to switch if they’re excited by a company and its employer brand, from its values to its mission. 2022 will be the year of promoting job ads to a broader market, on online job portals, best job search engines, social media, and other places for both active and passive candidates.

Trend 15 – Longer Notice Period

Longer notice periods for senior employees have always been an industry standard. However, even for roles like UX designer, we’re starting to see longer notice periods. In a candidate-driven market where employers are desperate to hold on to employees, extending the notice period provides employers with a great level of safety.

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