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Home Based Jobs – Different Options to Work from Home

Not everyone is entitled to work at a 9 to 5 job. For instance, a single mom who needs to look after her children. Or people might have some other responsibility which prevents them from committing to a full-time job. If you want to keep yourself occupied but cannot join an office regularly, then home-based jobs are there to your rescue.

If you have the right kind of information and research skills, you can find a job that you can do even at the comfort of your house. With sufficient information about where and how to search for a job, you can find home-based jobs in almost any industry you wish to work in.

Apart from the industry, you can also choose the time slots you want to work in. For instance, some jobs have full-time home-based requirements for work. Some have part-time requirements while others allow you to work at flexible hours. Hence, home-based jobs are your best shot at finding something without compromising on your responsibilities.

However, not every home-based job will act as an opportunity. You need to differentiate between what is genuine and what is a scam. Since the trend for online work is increasing, online scams are a serious issue.

Before you start looking for home-based jobs online, keep these points in mind:

  • Be aware and stay alert, do not fall for job scams. According to studies, for every one legit home-based job, there are 100 job scams.
  • Conducting smart job research is key. Use keywords like home-based jobs, work from home, etc. while searching for jobs.
  • Do not be confined to looking for home-based jobs at entry-level if you are an experienced worker. Some opportunities offer you jobs according to your experience as well.
  • Look at the opportunities according to your skills, expertise, education, and knowledge.
  • Search for companies that have flexible work policies.
  • Plan and set a proper working place even if you are going to work from home. Choose a quiet spot that can help you concentrate while you work.

Listed Below Are The Various Kinds of Home Based Jobs:


If you have good typing skills like fast speed without making errors, then you can search for a job as a transcriptionist. The need for transcriptionists is always high because companies are always at the lookout for people who can type and convert audios into texts.

You may be required to either convert work-related or legal cases related audios to texts. Or you may have to work on providing texts, for instance, subtitles for videos. However, these are just a few of the examples of the typing work from home tasks that you may be assigned. And the faster you type, converting more and more audios to texts, the more money you can make.

Virtual Assistants

With experience in administration, one can choose to be a virtual assistant with the various skills that you inculcate over the years. Like a virtual assistant for a company, you may be required to set appointments or make phone calls to the clients of the company. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant vary from company to company. And the pay also depends on the complexity of the tasks that you will be entitled to.


You do not necessarily need a degree to start working as a writer. If you have the skills to write flamboyantly, you can start a career as a writer at any time. To land a home-based job as a writer, you may be required to submit a sample of your writing to the employers based on which they can evaluate your work.

But always make sure to choose an area of your interest and expertise. As a writer, it is not necessary that you need to work under a publication or a company. You have the alternative to create a blog of your own.


With exceptional programming skills, you can easily find a job for coding. Nowadays, small businesses, as well as individuals, are trying to not spend extra money on hiring a separate team for coding. They are actively looking for freelancers who can work for their business for a limited amount of time and complete the given tasks within the period.

Web Designer

The presence of digital media is emerging with every passing minute. Therefore, every business is trying to make a prominent presence in this digital world. And for this purpose, businesses need personal websites. The better the website, the more the audience it gets.

Each website has a unique design of its own, and this is the task of a web designer. A web designer is required to improve the design of the website constantly and make it look visually more appealing.

Social Media Executives

Engaging with the audience is one of the main activities that help companies make a presence in this competitive world. Therefore, companies hire social media executives who can work from home and be responsible for posting actively about the company on various social media platforms.

That is how the public can be made aware of all the services and products that the company provides. Conversing with various clients on the various posts, dealing with queries asked by online users are some of the few tasks that are handled by a social media executive.

Data Entry

Home-based data entry jobs are one of the most popular options out there. Data entry involves inputting data from a variety of external resources into a computer database. All you need is a working laptop or desktop along with an internet connection. The best part about Data entry jobs is that you can take it up as an online part-time job as well.

This job is really flexible and does not require a lot from the candidates. You can even work as a data entry operator after 12th class. All you need are fast and accurate typing skills along with decent organizational skills.

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Freelance Recruiter

A freelance recruiter is hired by a business to find the employees for their organization. Freelance Recruiters need to make cold calls and find candidates. These candidates then appear for an interview with the company.

Since a major part of this job is about calling and interacting with people, you need to have impeccable communication as well as interpersonal skills. Freelance recruiters have to be highly organized to keep track of each applicant and follow up with them.

They are responsible for coordinating between the hiring managers and the candidates. Basic knowledge of HR fundamentals is will be helpful.

Online Teaching

Since the career lines are increasing with various options to choose from, more and more people are seeking help and advice online. As an online teacher, you can either help students in their day to day subject related problems. Or you can be an online adviser and help people achieve their goals in life.

Companies are regularly hiring individuals to complete short term goals without having to hire a separate team permanently. And it is just a misconception that you cannot make sufficient amounts of money with home-based jobs.

If you have the skills and you can meet the targets that a company asks for, you can make a decent amount of money from home-based jobs. You just need to set yourself apart and find out what you are exceptionally good at. And then commence your job hunt in the same domain.


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