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Data Analyst Job Description – Responsibilities, Skills & Salary

About Data Analysts:

Whether you’re searching for something on Google or browsing social media channels, you are consuming as well as generating data. Apart from this, we have reached an era where we generate 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data every day. Here comes the need for Data Analysts. The job description of a data analyst includes collecting, organizing and interpreting the information from data systems and helping people, businesses and organizations make better decisions.

Furthermore, data analysts bring in technical expertise to ensure the data has quality and accuracy. Are you looking to build a career in the field of data analysis? Then you may have a glance at the data analyst job description.

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Data Analyst Job Description:

Firstly, as a data analyst, you need to have proper qualifications and certification. Secondly, you must be aware of your roles as a data analyst. Furthermore, you will have to be aware of its scope. In addition to this, you must research in-depth that is it a profession you like from your heart.

This article has all the answers related to data analyst job requirements.

Qualifications Required to be Data Analyst:

A data analyst is a challenging job and hence, you need to be certified. You need to have the following qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in Computer Science.
  2. Degree in statistics, mathematics or related subject that involves mathematics such as economics & data science.
  3. Technical certification from a reputed board.

Key Responsibilities of Data Analyst:

As a data analyst, you will have to execute your skills into action. You need to be able to take on challenges and accomplish the tasks in time. Following are the key responsibilities of Data Analysts:

  1. You will be required to use advanced computerized models to extract the data needed.
  2. Data analysts should be able to perform data analysis to assess the quality and meaning of the types of data.
  3. They prepare reports based on complex data set analysis and present it to the management.
  4. Deliver value to your company by taking information about specific topics and then interpret, analyzes and presents findings.

Key Skills of Data Analyst:

Data analysts are the backbone of any organization as the industry today is data-driven. If you fail to make the best utilization of data in the decision-making process, you are likely to be out of the competition. The following skills are necessary and data analysts must possess them. If you lack these skills, you should master them to be an expert in data analysis. No data analyst job description will be complete without mentioning these skills.

  1. They have a high level of mathematical ability.
  2. A data analysts role requires mastering programming languages such as SQL, Oracle & Python.
  3. They must have problem-solving skills as well as analytical skills.
  4. Most often they strive to be accurate in their perception and provide attention to details.
  5. Data analysts work in a team.
  6. They possess high-level written and verbal communication skills.
  7. They can translate business requirements into non-technical language.
  8. Data analysts analyze existing tools and maintain databases. They also provide software solution recommendations.
  9. They are required to look into project management and even be a part of business decisions.
  10. Acquire data from primary sources and know-how to clean data as well as collect data.

Scope of Data Analysts:

Due to digitization, we have begun to consume and generate a tremendous amount of data. In fact, data is scattered and distributed around. Organizations need to utilize optimum data systematically using technologies and tools.

Apart from this, areas like IoT, healthcare, HR, education, governance & agriculture need more data analyst professionals. You will have the opportunity to work in top companies where you will grow personally and professionally. Moreover, data science and analytics job openings will grow to 2.7 million representing a $187 billion market opportunity.

To sum up, utilize the era of digitization to your benefit being a data analyst professional. There is significant career development in this field.

Salary of Data Analyst Professionals:

The base salary of data analyst professionals in the USA is $ 70,245/annum. We are all aware of the importance of data in the digitized world for consumers, as well as, businesses. So we can expect the demand to grow in the near future. Along with growth in salary for entry-level individuals as well.

Moreover, senior executives are aware of the importance of data in the digital space. They have begun investing in developing technology and tools. Not only IT or finance sectors but also other businesses are embracing data analytics. Today’s enterprise has a never-ending appetite for data and therefore, even job posting for data analysts is increasing.

Top companies providing good salary to data analyst professionals are IBM, JP Morgan, Netflix, Google, and Apple. IBM pays approximately $70,000 whereas JP Morgan pays $67,000 approximately as per your skills.

In addition to them, Netflix, as well as Google pay handsomely to the skilled and experienced data analysts. Netflix pays $180,467 whereas Google offers $100,000 to its employees. In fact, Apple does pay $92,390 to the employees of its company.

Read more on the salary of data analysts. It has a promising future in the present world dominated by data and technology.

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