how to prepare for a walk in interview

Prepare For A Walk-In Interview – Follow Super Easy Tips

As the name suggests, a walk-in interview is where a candidate does not need any prior appointment. One can simply reach the venue and give their interview. While they may appear simple, walk-in interviews are highly competitive and the whole process is quite nerve-wracking. Hence, it is important to know how to prepare for a walk-in-interview. Usually, when companies organize walk-in interviews, they are looking to hire people in large groups and masses. This is exactly why the competition is really high. You have to stand out from the hundreds of other candidates who will interview for the same role. Focusing on your communication skills is key. You have to ensure the interviewer remembers you for you.

Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for a walk-in-interview:

Research The Company

First and foremost, before going in for any walk-in interview, the most essential thing is to gather information about the company. Research about the company, its aim, mission, vision, etc. If there are any latest news articles about the company, read them well. Go through their website to know important pieces of information. Furthermore, go through their social media pages to see what the company has posted recently.

Evaluate Your Resume

Your resume is the most important document when appearing for a job interview. Make sure to proofread it and get rid of any grammatical or typing mistakes. Remember everything you are mentioning in it and be prepared to discuss it with the interviewer. It could be your skills, your internships, any projects that you may have worked on. Also, carry multiple hard copies of your resume when going for a walk-in-interview.

Documents and ID

Apart from your resume, make sure you carry other important documents with you to the interview. Important documents comprise of your educational as well as professional background. This can include, mark sheets, certificates, experience letter, payslips, etc. Keep everything neatly inside a folder. Furthermore, always carry your ID proof with you.

Common Interview Questions

The most basic tip on how to prepare for a walk-in interview is to go through the most commonly asked interview questions. Browsing through such questions will generate an idea in your head about what to expect during the interview. This will not only boost your confidence but also put you at ease.

Address and Commuting

Make sure to double-check the venue where the interview will be held. You want to aware of how to commute to that location by avoiding busy routes and report on time. Even though it is a walk-in interview, it is better to arrive early. There are fewer candidates in the early hours as compared to later on in the day. The interviewer will also be able to take your interview with interest and a fresh mind.

Dress To Impress

When you think about how to prepare for a walk-in interview, dressing appropriately is one of the first things that should pop in your mind. Wear something formal that fits you comfortably. Avoid wearing bright colors, go for more neutral tones or pastel shades. The footwear should also be a comfortable fit and neat in appearance. Keep your hair combed back properly to avoid it falling into your eyes or onto your forehead.

Mock Interview

Mock interviews will most likely relieve all the stress and anxiety you may have regarding an interview. Just like public speaking, practicing mock interviews will make you more confident and calm. The whole process might seem tiresome but ultimately, the more you practice giving interviews, the more comfortable you will get with the idea of appearing for interviews.

Well Versed With The Position

Before going for any walk-in interview, make sure you are fully aware of which job profile you are interviewing for. Go through the job description and ensure you know what the job demands from you, the skillset, the qualifications, the experience, etc.

Body Language

Body language can express in ways words can’t. In a way, it speaks volumes about you. So, always maintain natural eye contact with the interviewer. Try to give out non-verbal cues that show that you are actively listening. Sit straight, do not hunch. Be confident and smile, stay alert even in the waiting room.


Learn to communicate well. Practice speaking in front of a mirror if it helps. Go through your resume and practice explaining it. Most likely the interviewer will spend a significant amount of time discussing the details of your resume. Make a mental note of your time at your previous companies, talk about your role and responsibilities that make you fit for the job.

Be Patient

Since a walk-in interview is open to all, there are going to be hundreds of other applicants who will arrive at the venue. As a result, it will take longer to finish with your interview rounds. Always be patient, no matter how long it takes. Be polite to everyone, even your contenders. Amidst the chaos, your patience will prove to be your greatest virtue.

Answer With Confidence

Keep your answers brief and precise. Attempt to give examples from your past experiences if suitable. Be confident in what you say, do not fidget or give any impression which makes them doubt your answers. Moreover, if you don’t know the answer to any question, ask the interviewer for a moment to think about your answer. You can say, “Let me think about it for a quick moment”. The interviewer will appreciate you taking some time and giving a thoughtful answer instead of staring back at them blankly. Also, you can redirect the discussion to a related topic that you know better. “Well I am not aware of (topic x), but I know that (related topic z)…”

Ask Questions

An interviewer feels more confident about a candidate if they ask thoughtful questions about the company and the job role. It shows that the candidate is well versed in his responsibilities and the company’s work culture. Make sure to prepare a few questions for the interviewer before you go for the interview. A few examples of such questions are:

  1. “What does a typical workday for a person in this position look like?”
  2. “If I get the job, what will be your expectations from me as a newly appointed employee?”
  3. “What kind of growth does a company expect in the expected five years?”

Thank The Interviewer

Once the interview is over, remember to thank the interviewer. Tell them it was a pleasure meeting them and you appreciate the chance you got to interview for them. Being polite and courteous goes a long way.

Follow Up E-Mail

After the interview, it is significant to take a follow up from the employer. Draft an e-mail that mentions the job role you interviewed for and thank them for the opportunity. Mention that you had a delightful experience interviewing with the company and ask them to get back to you if they have any further questions. Close the email by saying that you look forward to hearing back from them. Sending a follow-up e-mail will show the employer that you are committed to the position. Also, read a guide on how to write an email professionally.

Walk-in interviews might sound intimidating, especially when you consider the volume of candidates that show up. But it can prove to be a golden opportunity for candidates, especially freshers. Getting a little nervous is normal, as long as you don’t let the nerves get the best of you. Just prepare well, be confident and let your talent speak for itself.
Good Luck

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