career objective in resume for freshers

Career Objective in Resume for freshers & Experienced

The most important tool, while you are looking for a job, is your resume. The resume is the tool that markets you in any sector to fetch a job. Your resume is not just another document that you own, it’s much more than that. It gives a major part of the information about your background, your qualifications, and your skills, and that way the employers can get to know your potential. Try to grab the recruiter’s attention with the Example of a Career Objective in your Resume for freshers to ace your competitors. 

The resume is the first official statement about you that the recruiter/employer comes across. If you are a fresher, your resume will resonate with the qualifications and extra-curricular activities that make you stand out from the crowd. If you are an experienced worker, your resume will give a glimpse of your work experience and your accomplishments so far. Therefore, it should be your utmost priority to have a good resume before you start applying for a job. 

The Role Of Career Objective In Resume

Whenever the recruiter goes through your resume, the first thing they notice about it is the career objective. The career objective for a resume is that element of your resume that sets the frequency and tone of the whole document. It explains the goals and objectives with which you are applying for a job opening. The career objective for a resume is the part with which you can grab the attention of the recruiter instantly. That is why you should have a perfect career objective for your resume.

Even though it is not mandatory nowadays to include a career objective for a resume, it is always considered better to have one, especially if you are on the path to finding your first job. A fresher career objective for a resume is always suggested to be included because it gives an insight into the fresher’s educational background and the skills they possess. Since freshers do not have any prior work experience, their resume is the only proof that can be looked upon for reference about their capabilities. 

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Here, we shall discuss three kinds of career objectives for a resume. Firstly, the fresher career objective for the resume, and secondly the experienced career objective for the resume.

Career Objective For Resume for Freshers

After completing graduation or post-graduation, fresher tends to look for their first job, which means they are looking for entry-level work. Since you are stepping into the corporate environment for the first time as a fresher, you need to emphasize each word that you write on your resume, that will represent you. A fresher’s background, qualifications, and skills are looked upon through the lens of their resume, for which the career objective needs to be magnificent. 

Things to keep in mind while writing a  career objective for a resume for freshers

  • Mention your qualifications first and foremost.
  • Furthermore, give a glimpse of the internships that you have been a part of in your school or college years if any.
  • Specify your skills and how you think you can apply them in the role you are applying for in a company. 
  • Always try to pay special attention to statements that state your potential to work hard and that you will be focused on achieving the goals that are set by the company.
  • Keep the career objective simple and easy to understand.
  • Try to write a descriptive, yet short objective. Space is particularly the biggest treasure that you have as a fresher who is looking for a job. 
  • Make sure that you are true to whatever you state in your objective, and have the real skills to prove what you state.

An example of a career objective for a resume for freshers:

I am a graduate of English Literature. I have completed and gained experience in a three-month international internship. Looking forward to gaining effective work experience and enhance skills by working as an office clerk in your organization. A devoted person who aims to be a part of achieving the company’s goals. I can take up responsibilities and work towards making profits for the company. 

In the above example, the student has an internship experience, which is a very valuable experience for a fresher and should definitely be included in the career objective for a resume

Some more examples of fresher career objectives:

Career Objective for Media/Journalist

A storyteller since childhood, hence good communication skills. Gained a degree of Bachelors in Mass Media with Journalism. Proficient in speaking, reading, and writing English, Hindi, and Tamil. Looking for an opportunity to work in a reputed media house. Consequently, can work hard in a 24/7 environment and accept all challenges that come my way.

Career Objective for Marketing

Recent college graduate. As a certified Digital Marketer with a specialization in SEO and SEM, along with an internship experience of 4 months. Penning down small words with the aim of creating a big impact. I can help a business in boosting organic traffic and understand the importance of online marketing.

Career Objective for Sales

MBA in Marketing with the exceptional capability of networking and building relations on the professional front. Seeking to work as a Sales Executive in a reputed service company. Looking forward to using my negotiation skills in helping the company generate good revenue and achieve great heights. 

Career Objective For Teachers

B.Ed from the University of Delhi, seeking to work as a Science TGT. I want to share my passion for the subject with the students and help them understand science better. Excellent educational background and a strong motive to impact the field of education in modern ways. 

Career Objectives for Experienced

For an experienced employee seeking a change in job, not too many lines are needed to be written in the career objective for the resume. Just a couple of well-written and descriptive lines can be sufficient to grab the reader’s attention. Choose your words wisely. Direct your goals at the job that you are applying for and how your skills can be used to meet those goals. 

The Dos and Don’ts Of Writing The Career Objective:

  • State your educational qualifications.
  • Never state directly that you want this job badly.
  • You should talk about your skills and talents.
  • Do not state your personal career goals. Relate all things to the welfare of the company.
  • Highlight the experiences that you have gained and think are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

A Closer Look At An Experienced Career Objective:

  • Write down the duration of your work experience including the type of industry in which you worked.
  • Mention the type of duties you fulfilled during your time at the job and what you learned.
  • State down certain qualities that you think might make you a strong candidate for the job.
  • Likewise, state down all the information about your qualifications and certificates. But make sure they are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

Examples of Experienced Career Objectives For Resume:

Career Objective for Media/Journalist

Seeking a job as a News Reporter in a reputed media house. The role should be challenging and the environment must be growth driven. A Mass Communication graduate coupled with 5 years of working experience, open to working in a 24/7 environment. Areas of expertise include gathering information and then reporting it under strict deadlines. 

Career Objective for Marketing

A highly motivated employee with proven experience and skills in implementing successful and profitable marketing strategies. He/She can specifically maximize brand awareness via integrated marketing communication skills online as well as offline. 

Career Objective for Sales

With 6 years of experience as a sales professional in national and international markets. I assure the application of best sales practices, working as business development and sales executive. I can identify sales opportunities, manage people, and improve sales through networking.

Career Objective For Teachers

An organized and professionally committed professional teacher, with five years of experience in ABC School as the permanent faculty. Strong and thorough knowledge of Mathematics. With a goal to provide high-level quality education to students and help them attain their highest potential. 

The example of a
career objective for a resume for freshers & experienced cited above can help you secure a position amongst the top candidates that apply for a particular job. Complement your skills and experience with the words that you choose to describe your career objective. 

Happy Head Hunting!

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