Resume headline for fresher

Resume Headline for Freshers & Experienced [Tips & Examples]

A resume headline is more than just a caption for your resume. It is the ideal way to make yourself stand out from the competition and highlight your worth as a candidate. It is positioned at the top of the resume right below the name and contact information of the candidate.

As a result, it becomes the primary thing your recruiter reads right after your name. So drafting a professional resume headline is the perfect opportunity to make the recruiter see what makes you an ideal candidate for the role they are hiring for. 

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Resume Headlines VS Resume Profile

Most people get confused between a resume headline and a resume profile. A resume profile is comparable to a resume headline in terms of providing a summary of a candidate’s experience and qualifications but it is not the same thing.

Because a resume profile is longer than a resume headline. A resume profile is the length of a paragraph or multiple bullet points whereas a resume headline is one brief phrase that describes the candidate in the most precise manner.

A resume headline is more eye-catching than a resume profile. The resume profile is a paragraph that talks about the candidate. While a resume headline does the same thing but it is bold and capitalized which makes it eye-catching. However, both of them are used together in a resume.

Examples of Resume Headlines:

Here is a set of examples of resume headlines that can be useful when writing your own:

  • IT Engineer: IT Professional with ten years of experience in software support.
  • Sales: Sales Executive with seven years of experience in Insurance and Healthcare Management.
  • Finance: Detail-oriented controller implementing impeccable financial reporting in the manufacturing sector.
  • Editor: Award-winning editor skilled in web design.
  • Nursing: Bilingual nursing graduate with experience in rural health care.
  • Accountant: Goal-oriented senior accountant with five years of accounting experience.
  • Medicine: Certified Medical assistant with an influential emergency care background.
  • Admin: Administrative assistant with 2+ years of experience in real estate.
  • Management: Ingenious Project Manager with 10+ years of experience in team handling.
  • Marketing: Award-winning marketing manager with seven years of experience.

Examples Of Resume Headlines For Freshers:

Experienced candidates get the opportunity to highlight their expertise and abilities with a catchy phrase. But freshers don’t have that option. Their resume headlines may lack experience but can include abundant talent and achievements. Here is a set of examples of resume headlines for freshers:

    • Mechanical Engineer: Skilled in COSMOS with a grand passion for machine and machine learning.
    • SEO Analyst: Certified SEO Analyst with the knowledge to crack the code of the market.
    • Content Writer: Knack to convert mundane into magic and use the right keywords to express accurate emotions.
    • PHP Developer: Internship experience in developing high-end websites with the ability to communicate in PHP.
    • Full Stack Developer: In-depth knowledge of Java and Python with a passion to learn and growing.
    • Aeronautical Engineer: Inquisitive about the dynamics between machine and man with a deep understanding of aerodynamics and thermodynamics.
    • Graphic Designer: The ability to recognize and distinguish the trending model and work in tight spaces and time frames. 
    • Android Developer: Persistent, team player, with knowledge of Android development platforms and frameworks. 
    • IT Engineer: Goal-oriented and resolved with a sharp eye for details. Skilled in various programming languages including JAVA, Python, and SQL.
  • Tutoring: Honor roll student with tutoring experience in various subjects.

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Tips For Writing Professional Resume Headlines

In order to write a professional and crisp resume headline, taking note of the following tips could be useful:

  • Keep it Brief

    As mentioned earlier, a resume headline should be short and catchy. The goal is to articulate your value as a candidate in a precise and concise manner. Anything longer will defeat the purpose of a ‘headline’.

  • Position and Title

    The resume headline should be placed at the top of your resume because it acts as a summary of everything the recruiter will go through in your resume. Also, the headline should be in capital letters only, to make it stand out.

  • No Cliches:

    Since the goal of a resume headline is to make your resume stands out, avoid using cliches that the recruiter is tired of reading on every other resume. Avoid using terms like, ‘highly dependable’, ‘hard-working’, etc. Let your achievements and experience speak for themselves.

  • Certification

    If you have a certification that is relevant to the job you are applying for or if it’s listed as a requirement, but your certification in your resume headline. So for example, the headline could begin with “Certified content writer…” followed by your experience, skills, etc.

  • Different Headline

    Writing a different headline for each job that you apply to might seem time-consuming. But this tip is beneficial because once you go through the requirements for the job, you will be able to write a headline that matches it. As a result, your resume headline will prove you are perfect for the job. 

  • Use Keywords

    Using keywords is a great way by which you can make your resume headline catchy and witty. You can use keywords to demonstrate your skills as well as fit the job requirement to make yourself sound like a good fit.

  • Massive Achievements

    Another thing to add to your resume headline is a massive achievement. Won an award? Published a book? Mention it as your resume headline title. For example, “Digital marketing executive who landed $20 million in sales”

  • Highlight Values

    A resume headline showcases your ‘selling points to convince the recruiter that you are the candidate they want. So highlighting your key values and talents that are relevant to the job will be a bonus.

  • Getting Past ATS

    This tip goes along the way of using the right keywords and jargon for the job. Using the right keywords will ensure your application gets beyond the applicant tracking software. ATS blocks way too many applications before they even reach the recruiters. Therefore, it is essential to use the right jargon.

  • Proofread

    Before submitting a resume anywhere, a candidate proofreads it thoroughly. While a resume headline is written to stand out, sometimes a person may skip it while proofreading and give more attention to other elements. This should not be the case because as mentioned earlier, a resume headline is one of the first things a recruiter looks at. So make sure there are no mistakes.

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