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Complaint Letter Format & Samples | Easy to Follow Guide

Each office has a different work environment – be it the surroundings, the policies, or the people. That being said, it is possible to meet the same kind of problematic people no matter where you go. However, there is a way to make things work. Every HR department has a procedure to file a complaint letter. The process is fairly straightforward but there is only one problem – you don’t know how to go about writing a complaint letter format.

So here is a guide to help you write a professional complaint letter:

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How to Write a Complaint Letter:

First of all, keep in mind that not all complaint letters are about co-workers. In customer service, letters of complaint are received frequently from clients and customers. It could be about the quality of the product or service, late delivery, poor service, etc.

We must see what all needs to assuredly be there in that complaint letter. The major aspects of any complaint letter are:

· Receiver

The letter must always be addressed to a specific person therefore take an effort to find out who it is that the letters are addressed to. Even more, know not only the post of the person you are writing to but the name as well. Addressing the person allows it to not be ignored or read by the wrong person.

· Clarity

The letter you write must be clear, concise, and not ambiguous in any manner or fashion because it allows the complaint not only to be taken seriously but also to be understood and acted upon in the manner intended.

· Expectations

A complaint letter must clearly lay out what you wish to be addressed and what actions you want to be taken. Whether or not they are and whether or not a different solution is found is not up to you but you must list your expectations clearly.

· Objectivity

Do not write an angry, threatening, or sarcastic letter as it puts the person reading it in a defensive state even though they are not at fault. This also shows that your complaint may be blinded by extreme emotions. Write your letter objectively to allow the person it is addressed to, to help you.

· Proof

Your complaint must be backed with relevant evidence. It is thus important that you attach the documentation, receipts, and other proof with your complaint letter. This makes it easier for investigating persons to collaborate with your claims and makes the process shorter for all involved.

· Names

The complaint letter must name not only you along with your contact information but also name any relevant accounts involved, any witnesses, and the responding parties. A complaint letter made anonymously or against unknown or unverifiable accounts/ people tends to be extremely difficult to prove and thus act on.

· Mailing

Always send your complaint letter through the official channel of certified mail and ensure that you take a return receipt. This allows you to prove that your letter was received and by whom.

Now that we know what comes in a complaint letter, let us see the format of a complaint letter. It is very similar to any other formal letter written but does have unique aspects too.

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Complaint Letter Format:

Employer’s name

Employer’s address including city, zip, state

Date in a standard format

Addressee name

Company name

Company address including city, zip, state


Salutation (Dear Name)

In the first paragraph, list your details as well as the details of the person the complaint is about.

Followed by the second paragraph, which lists the reason for escalation and trust in the person to take action.

Finally, in the third paragraph, add contact details and details of all documentation attached

Signature and salutation

Here’s a Sample of a Complaint Letter:

[Your Name]

Team leader, XYZ team

FES Company,

[Company Address]


Subject: Complaint against a supervisor

Dear WXYZ,

I, [your name], Team leader at plant FDS am writing this letter to apprise you of the situation that has been ongoing for the past 3 months with respect to the abuse my team and I have been subjected to by the supervisor Mr. PKH.

As the supervisor to the whole team and being in a position of authority, he has been misusing his position to make work difficult for my team and me. Any effort to understand the same with him or discuss it verbally or by email is met with abuse and angry statements followed by threats.

Having tried repeatedly to address the same with him, and with the latest abuse leading to a teammate of mine putting in his papers, I felt it was necessary for the same to be escalated to your level for this to be dealt with.

Furthermore, continued behavior as thus from him is likely to result in even more resignations and a drop in the productivity of this team. My team and I trust that this matter can be solved by you for the best of all concerned parties and the company.

You can also contact me at [contact number] for any further inputs on the same or clarifications. Also please find attached to this letter the emails from Mr. PKH which prove his abusive as well as abrasive language. Also attached are the written and signed testimonials of all my team members of the verbal abuse suffered by them along with the date and occasion of the same.

Respectfully yours,

Finally, we hope you can resolve your problems without needing a complaint letter format and an instigation if it does come to that, remember to follow up on the letter. Understand that the authorities are neutral third parties and thus will not believe your word without an investigation so do not worry if one is being held.

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